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    US Refinery Status: Turnaround Underway At Valero’s Louisiana Plant
    DOW JONES NEWSWIRES Feb 2, 2010 
    The following table lists unplanned and planned production outages at U.S. refineries as reported by Dow Jones Newswires. The information is compiled from both official and unofficial refining sources and doesn’t purport to be a comprehensive list.
    Valero Energy Corp. (VLO) said Monday that planned turnaround maintenance at a crude and coker unit at its St. Charles refinery in Norco, Louisiana, is underway. The entire refinery will be shut for 30 days.
    Also on Monday, Valero Energy said that work continues at a hydrocracker unit in the East Plant of its Corpus Christi refinery. The unit was shut in January for 18 days of planned maintenance, the co. said on January 12.
    And a coker unit malfunction at Valero’s Port Arthur, Texas, refinery over the weekend had no material impact to production, the company said on Monday.
    Marathon Oil Corp. (MRO) Monday said its refinery in Catlettsburg, Kentucky, continued to operate at reduced rates due to the shutdown, since Wednesday, of the Greenup Locks and Dam in the Ohio River. The plant receives crude oil by pipeline, but moves product out of the refinery via barge.
    Shell Oil Co. (RDSA, RDSB) Sunday began the process of restarting several units at its Deer Park, Texas, refinery. The unit, shuttered since January 14 for scheduled maintenance, include a hydroprocessing unit, coker, gas oil hydrotreater, catalytic reformer and a platformer. Emissions associated with the staggered restart are expected to continue until February 17.
    A process upset Saturday at an FCCU and wet gas compressor at WRB Refining’s ( COP, ECA) Borger, Texas, refinery resulted in about five and a half hours of flaring. It was not clear whether the event had an impact on production.
    Valero Energy Corp. (VLO) Saturday depressurized part of delayed coker unit no. 843 for maintenance. Emissions associated with the process lasted for about 24 hours; it is not clear whether the work had an impact on operations.
    For more detailed information, search Dow Jones Newswires using the code N/ REF. Operator   Refinery    Capacity   Description                  Restart                       (in 000s                       bbl/day) UNPLANNED CANADA Korean   Newfoundland  115.0   Hydrocracker was shut Jan. 7National                       after a brief fire broke out inCo.                            the stripper tower. No word on                               when it will restart, the co.                               said on Jan. 12. EAST COAST CARIBBEAN GULF COAST Citgo    Corpus       163.0   Platformer reactor was shut after         Christi,TX           a brief fire Dec. 30. No injuries.                              Co. still assessing damages. Motiva   Norco, La.    236.4  Damage assessment underway at     n/a                              the crude unit shut Jan. 22 by                              a fire caused by a leak at the                              unit, the Co. said on Jan. 26.                              Restart estimate not available. Motiva  Port Arthur   285.0   Crude oil throughput will soon    Jan 28                              return to normal rates the co.                              said on Jan 28; runs were re-                              duced due shipping delays caused                              by the closure of the Sabine-                              Neches Waterway, the co. said on                              Jan. 26.                               FCCU went offline Jan. 8 due      n/a                              to a boiler failure; unit in                              circulation. Shell   Deer Park     340.0   Hydrodesulfurization 2 Unit re-   Jan 25        TX                    started Jan. 25 following cata-                              lyst change and maintenance that                              began on Jan. 13. Valero  Port Arthur   325.0   Part of delayed coker unit no.    n/a        TX                    843 was depressurized for                              maintenance on Jan. 30. No                              impact to production.  Valero  Texas City    245.0   1 of 3 crude units was re-        Jan 28        TX                    started Jan 28; a fire on Dec                              24 shut the crude unit and a                              coker unit. The coker unit was                              restarted on Dec. 31. WRB     Borger, TX    152.0   Process upset occurred on         n/aRefining                      Jan 30 at FCCU and wet gas                              compressor causing brief                              period of flaring. Impact on                              production unclear.  MIDWEST ROCKY MOUNTAINS Holly    Artesia,     100.0   A fire erupted Jan. 18 at crude   early         N.M.                 unit; restart seen in 3 weeks.    Feb Marathon Catlettsburg 226.0   Refinery operating at reduced     n/a         KY                   rates owing to the closure                              since Jan 27 of the Ohio River                              due to damage at the Greenup                              Locks and Dam.WEST COAST Exxon    Torrance      149.5  A brief snag at a hydrocracker    n/a         CA                   unit on Jan. 25 cause about                              7 hours of flaring. The unit is                              operating, a person familiar                              with the plant said. Shell    Martinez     155.6   Delayed coker unit caused steam   n/a         CA                   and coke dust emissions Jan. 27;                              cause is unknown. No impact on                              production. PLANNED CANADA Shell    Montreal     130.0   The refinery will be converted         Quebec               into a fuel terminal, Co. said                              Jan. 7. No timeline provided.  CARIBBEAN Hovensa  St. Croix    500.0   150,000 bbl/d FCCU shut           early                              Jan. 20 for turnaround.           March Valero   Aruba        235.0   The plant, which                              was shut in June for 2-3                              months for economic reasons was                              closed indefinitely in Nov. EAST COAST Hess     Port                 Month-long turnaround work         Reading NJ           will take place in April at                              the plant’s 70,000-b/d                              FCCU; the refinery does not                              process crude oil. Sunoco   Westville    145.0   Idling all Eagle Point refin-              Mid-Nov         NJ                   ing operations indefinitely due                              to poor economics, Co. said                              Oct. 6.                               Reformer unit shut in Girard      n/a                              Point section in early Oct                              for economic reasons. Shutdown                              to last 1-6 months. Valero   Delaware      210.0  Plant to be permanently shut due         City, DE             to poor economics, announced                              Nov. 20. Delaware Official said                              it would be shut on Nov. 22.                              The plant’s production units will                              be dismantled and disposed of in                              coming months, Co. said Dec. 23. Valero   Paulsboro    185.0   Refinery will operate during      Dec. 14-21         NJ                   FCCU work that began on Nov.                              Nov. 28-29. The entire refinery                              was scheduled to shut during the                              work; the Co. also shortened the                              duration of the FCCU work to 2-3                              weeks from 6 on Dec. 3. Conoco   Linden, NJ  238.0    The Bayway refinery is undergoing                              planned maintenance, Co. said Jan.7.                              No details regarding unit(s) or                              duration provided.  Western  Yorktown     64.5    Planned work scheduled 3Q         2010.         Va. GULF COAST BP       Texas City  455.8    FCCU in restart Jan 29;           Jan 29         TX                   shut Jan 27 for compres-                              sor repair. Chevron  Pascagoula  330.0    Pre-commercial heavy oil          2010         Miss.                conversion project delayed                              from 2008 to 2010 due to                              economic factors.  Conoco   Sweeny, TX   247.0   Unit 3 shut to connect an         Jan. 18                              emission control device (wet                              gas scrubber), which will not                              affect refining operations,                              a Jan. 4 filing stated. Flint    Corpus       288.1   $250 mln project for new         SpringHills    Christi, TX          diesel desulfurization,          2010                              sulfur recovery unit to begin                              in Fall 2008. Construction                              to last 18 months. Marathon Garyville    245.0   Project to increase crude oil         LA                   refining capacity by 180,000-                              b/d completed on schedule and                              new units were being integrated,                              company said Jan. 8.  Entire                              plant reaches full capacity 2Q’10,                              Co. said previously.                               Planned turnaround at plant                              is expected to start and end                              in Jan. 2010, Co. said Jan. 8.  —   (MORE TO FOLLOW) Dow Jones Newswires

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    Charles Randall

    Here is DJ Feb Update on US & Caribb T/A and project status – not sure why the columns didnt stay clear on this post?   Lots of activity around planned & unplanned T/A coker units – lot plants idled/shut for extended periods/closed with undefinite timeline or up for sale.
    Economics around refining are still bad and to quote friend mine “ Earnings season is sucking sewer water again. “
    Reliance 2nd refining unit (combined plants are still largest refinery & coking unit in world) was set up for export & has cargoes of jet/diesel/gasoline probably steaming to US to take advantage of shutdowns but demand is still low and all new expansions globally are likely trigger a war on product placements as they fight to stay up but low product prices and high crude prices wont allow export targeted refineries to lose money on that scale.

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