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Update Aug 2010 – US/NA Refinery Maintenance & S/D status

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    Refinery Status: BP Shuts California Refinery -2-

    Published August 06, 2010    DOW JONES NEWSWIRES

    The following table lists unplanned and planned production outages at U.S. refineries as reported by Dow Jones Newswires. The information is compiled from both official and unofficial refining sources and doesn’t purport to be a comprehensive list.
    BP PLC Wednesday shut a hydrodesulfurization unit at its Carson, California, refinery for unplanned maintenance to repair a suspected leak. A filing to state environmental regulators did not indicate how long the repairs would take.
    Western Refining said Thursday it will suspend operations at its Yorktown, Va., refinery in September due to tight refining margins on the East Coast. Terminal operations will continue.
    Tesosro Corp’s Wilmington, Calif., refinery said a flaring event is planned to start on August 6 and end on August 10. The reason for the flaring is not listed in the filing to state environmental regulators.

    ConocoPhillips’ Borger, Texas, refinery reported two periods of emissions and opacity on August 4 owing to upsets at FCCU 40. It is unclear whether the event was related to maintenance that has been underway at the plant since early June.
    Motiva Enterprises Monday shut an FCCU at its Port Arthur, Texas, refinery to repair a leaking valve. The work is scheduled to end at around 8:00 a.m. CDT on Thursday, a filing to Texas state environmental regulators said.
    Tesoro Corp. Wednesday said 100 barrels of water/petroleum hydrocarbon mix was contained in a secondary containment area after leaking from a pipeline. The filing to state regulators did not say where the leak had occurred or whether it had an impact on operations.
    BP PLC  Monday reported an emissions event while shutting down a compressor for maintenance at unspecified equipment at its Texas City, Texas, refinery. Another compressor was started to help out systems during the repair time. The emissions event is expected to end Tuesday, a filing to state environmental regulators said. Seperately, BP reported a flaring event Saturday from an undetermined source starting at around 9:45 a.m. CDT and ending at about the same time Sunday.
    Sunoco Inc’s FCCU in the Point Breeze section of its Philadelphia refinery began the process of restarting late Thursday and was nearing normal operating rates Monday, a person familiar with operations at the plant said. The unit was shut for unplanned maintenance on July 25 that was expected to last for one week.
    Delek US Holdings Friday shut the No. 9 boiler at its Tyler, Texas, gasoline-making fluid catalytic cracking unit for unplanned maintenance, a filing to Texas state environmental regulators said. It is unclear what impact the boiler shutdown has had on operations at the FCCU.
    For more detailed information, search Dow Jones Newswires using the code N/REF.
     Operator Refinery Capacity Description Restart (in 000s bbl/day)
     Sunoco Philadelphia 335.0 FCCU at Point Breeze section Aug 1 PA of plant is near normal rates on Aug 2 after shutting down on July 25 to repair a leak.
    GULF COAST BP Texas City 455.8 Emissions event reported on Aug 2 TX Aug 2 during compressor shut- down at unspecified equipment. Flaring from an undetermined source started July 31 for 24 hours. Impact on operations un- clear.
    Conoco Borger TX 146.0 Two upsets at FCCU 40 on Aug 4 reported to state regulators. Status of unit unclear. Mainte- has been underway since early June.
    Delek Tyler TX 60.0 No. 9 boiler at FCCU shut July 30 for unplanned repairs. Im- pact on FCCU operation unclear. Motiva Port 285.0 FCCU shut late on Aug 2 to re- Aug 4 Arthur, TX pair a leaking valve.
    Shell Deer Park 340.0 Unidentified unit taken out of n/a TX service after a fire on July 20. Refinery operations were “stab- ilizing” following the fire, the co. said.
    Valero Texas City 245.0 Maintenance at an exchanger in Aug 4 TX Complex 2 will cause emissions starting Jul 23 through Aug 4.
     Frontier Cheyenne 52.0 Crude unit shut for two weeks n/a WY repairs following an early-day fire on Jul 28. Process units will be reduced for the duration.
    Sinclair Casper, 20.0 Refinery running at reduced rates Wyo. after explosion, co. said. May 27
    BP Carson 265.0 Hydrodesulfurization Unit shut CA Aug 4 to repair a suspected leak leak; restart timing unclear. Planned flaring expected July 21 through Aug. 8.
    Conoco Ferndale, 100.0 An alkylation unit and butamer n/a WA shut following a pump fire early June 15, an environmental agency said. The refinery continues to operate, co. said June 15.
    Tesoro Anacortes 120.0 Fire at naphtha unit April 2 end Q2 WA killed seven. Plant will be shut until Sept at least, the co. said June 11.
    Tesoro Martinez 166.0 Refinery said 100 barrels of n/a CA water/petroleum hydrocarbon mix had been contained in a second- ary containment area on Aug 4. The location of the leak was not included in the report to regulators.
    Valero Benicia, CA 177.0 Coker Unit shut June 19-20 for Late Aug 60 days of unplanned mainte- nance. The initial estimate was 40 days of work with restart in early August.
     Shell Montreal 130.0 The refinery will be converted into Quebec terminal.
    Valero Aruba 235.0 Idled refinery to resume opera- tions after completing turnaround maintenance in Sept. if it is profitable to do so, the co. said on July 27.
    Sunoco Westville 145.0 Idling all Eagle Point refin- n/a NJ ing operations indefinitely due to poor economics, co. said Oct. 6.
    Valero Delaware 210.0 PBF Investments has closed Apr 2011 deal to buy plant. Petroplus said May 5 the plant would be restarted in 2Q of 2011.
    Western Yorktown 64.5 The refinery will close in Sept VA September 2010 for economic reasons. Terminal operations will continue. Maintenance had been planned for 3Q 2010.
    Conoco Borger, TX 146.0 Two upsets at Unit 40, FCCU re- sult in brief emissions and opacity on Aug. 4. Status of unit unclear. Maintenance activity continues, the co. said on Aug 3. The work has been underway since June 5.
    Chevron Pascagoula 330.0 Pre-commercial heavy oil 2010 Miss. conversion project delayed from 2008 to 2010 due to economic factors. Expansion project including the replacement of two 30-year- old reformers and construction of a 55,000 b/d continuous catalytic reformer platformer unit to be completed by late summer, Industrial Info Resources said July 6. A premium base-oil facility was also being planned, co. said in late Feb.
    Flint Corpus $250 mln project for new Spring 2010 Hills Christi, TX diesel desulfurization, sulfur recovery unit to begin in Fall 2008. Construction to last 18 months.
    Motiva Port Arthur 285.0 Expansion project to increase 1Q throughput capacity by 325,000 2012 b/d, to 610,000-b/d, slowed. Completion now seen 1Q 2012, from 2010.
    Valero Corpus 340.0 West Plant 50,000-b/d FCCU at Christi, TX reduced rates since mid-Dec for economic reasons.
    Valero Norco, LA 250.0 Hydrocracker project will pro- 2013 ceed and be completed in late 2013, the co. said on July 27. FCCU will be revamped during 2Q 2Q of 2011, the co. said on 2011 July 27. Upgrade project to build 2012 a new diesel hydrotreater unit moved from 2010 to 4Q 2012.
    Valero Port Arthur 325.0 Hydrocracker project will pro- 2012 TX ceed and be completed in late 2012, the co. said on July 27. Six coke drums will be re- 2011 placed in 2011. 77,000-b/d FCCU at reduced n/a rates since mid-Dec for economic reasons.
    Valero Sunray, TX 170.0 55,000-b/d FCCU at reduced n/a rates since mid-Dec for economic reasons. Expanded crude gather system 4Q will increase available crude 2010 supplies to refinery by 4Q.
    BP Toledo, OH 155.0 $400 million upgrade 2012 to start 2010.
    CVR Coffeyville 115.0 New ultra low sulfur gasoline KS unit will be brought online in 2Q, co. said May 3. Previous target was to have unit up by end of 2010.
    Valero Ardmore, OK 90.0 Plant-wide turnaround planned; 2011 work will impact 1Q 2011 results.
    Suncor Commerce 93.0 Planned work at reformer unit Fall City, CO deferred to Fall 2010 from Feb 2010 28 start date.
    BP Carson, CA 265.0 Planned flaring expected July Aug 8 21 through Aug 8.
    Valero Benicia 170.0 Scrubber installation continues; 2010 CA work seen concluding by year-end, the co. said on July 27.
    Tesoro Golden Eagle 166.0 Major turnaround maintenance 2011 Martinez, CA deferred to 2011 from late 2009, the co. said Feb. 3.
    Tesoro Oahu, HI 94.0 Planned turnaround work will 2010 Kapolei begin 3Q, 2010, the Co. said on Feb 3.
    Tesoro Wilmington 97.0 Flaring event is planned to Aug 10 CA start Aug 6 and end Aug 10; the reason for the flaring is not clear.

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