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    US Refinery Status: Delaware Plant To Be Fully Restarted By April ’11

    DOW JONES NEWSWIRES April 9, 2010      

    The following table lists unplanned and planned production outages at U.S. refineries as reported by Dow Jones Newswires. The information is compiled from both official and unofficial refining sources and doesn’t purport to be a comprehensive list.
    Thomas O’Malley, head of PBF Energy Partners LP, has made a deal to acquire Valero Energy Corp.’s (VLO) Delaware City, Del. refinery for $220 million. The deal should close in the second quarter. The refinery will undergo a turnaround before it will restarted and should be fully operational by April 2011, O’Malley said Thursday.   

    Operator   Refinery    Capacity   Description                  Restart
                           (in 000s



    KNOC     Newfoundland  115.0   Refinery to return to normal     end-March
                                   by end March. The entire plant
                                   was idled early Jan. to advance
                                   maintenance while repairs were
                                   made at a hydrotreater damaged
                                   by fire on Jan. 7.

    Valero   Quebec City   235.0   66,000-b/d FCCU shut by early-   mid-April
             Quebec                day fire on Feb 2. Unit to
                                   complete repairs mid-April, Co.
                                   said March 17. Production
                                   impacted but no major
                                   disruptions expected due to ample
                                   inventories, Co. said.
                                   Damage assessment was delayed
                                   due to cold weather, ice on unit.




    Motiva   Norco, La.    236.4  Crude unit, DU-5, shut by fire                End
                                  on Jan 22 seen restarting in                           March
                                  end-March, the Co. said on
                                  March 19.
    Valero   Corpus        340.0  Unplanned maintenance at West Plant     March 30
             Christi, TX          Complex 1 on March 28-30; SMR
                                  Unit 13 cited as emissions source
                                  in regulatory filing.




    Chevron   El Segundo   279.0  Isomax plant shut March 19                     n/a
              CA                  due to “small” fire. No
                                  estimate on restart.

    Chevron   Richmond     245.3  Refinery lost compressor
              CA                  causing flaring April 7

    Tesoro    Wilmington   100.0  Hydrocracker Unit Shut                            April 5.

    Tesoro    Anacortes    120.0  Fire at naptha unit                                  April 2
              WA                  kills five, injures two.
                                  The site is operating at 70% of its



    Shell    Montreal     130.0   The refinery will be converted
             Quebec               into a fuel terminal, Co. said
                                  Jan. 7. No timeline provided.


    Valero   Aruba        235.0   The plant, which
                                  was shut in June for 2-3
                                  months for economic reasons was
                                  closed indefinitely in Nov.


    Hess     Port                 Month-long turnaround work
             Reading NJ           will take place in April at
                                  the plant’s 70,000-b/d
                                  FCCU; the refinery does not
                                  process crude oil.

    Sunoco   Westville     145.0  Idling all Eagle Point refin-                        n/a
             NJ                   ing operations indefinitely due
                                  to poor economics, Co. said
                                  Oct. 6.

                                  Reformer unit shut in Girard                               n/a
                                  Point section in early Oct
                                  for economic reasons. Shutdown
                                  to last 1-6 months.

    Valero   Delaware      210.0  PBF Investments has reached deal            April 2012
                                  to buy plant. Could be fully operational
                                  by April 2012.

    Western  Yorktown       64.5  Planned work scheduled 3Q 2010.           Q3 2010


    Alon     Krotz         100.0  Refinery will restart in
             Springs, La.                                                                         April.

    BP      Texas City     455.8  Ultraformer No. 4 restarted                        March 23
            TX                    March 23 after shutting down
                                  for repairs on March 19. Emis-
                                  sions are expected to last
                                  until March 27.

                                  Planned maintenance related to                          April 6
                                  “J457 compressor” April 1-6.

    Chevron  Pascagoula  330.0    Pre-commercial heavy oil                        2010
             Miss.                conversion project delayed
                                  from 2008 to 2010
    due to
                                  economic factors.

                                  Work is progressing on the
                                  continuous catalytic reformer,
                                  expected to be completed by
                                  mid-2010, Co. said Feb. 25.
                                  Co. is planning to put a premium
                                  base-oil facility at plant.

    Conoco   Borger     146.0     Shuts FCCU April 7 for repairs                April 14

    Conoco    Sweeny     247.0    Shuts unnamed unit for work,               n/a
               Tx                 April 8.

    Flint    Corpus               $250 mln project for new Spring                2010
    Hills    Christi, TX          diesel desulfurization,
                                  sulfur recovery unit to begin
                                  in Fall 2008. Construction
                                  to last 18 months.

    Marathon Garyville    436.0   Plant operating at newly ex-                  n/a
             LA                   panded capacity and may ex-
                                  ceed it, the co. said on March

    Motiva   Convent, LA   235.0  Planned turnaround maintenance        Early
                                  began Jan 28 at several un-                         April
                                  specified process units. Re-
                                  start seen in early April.

    Motiva   Port Arthur   285.0  Expansion project to increase               1Q
             TX                   throughput capacity by 325,000                 2012
                                  b/d, to 610,000-b/d, slowed.
                                  Completion now seen 1Q
                                  2012, from 2010.

    Valero   Corpus       340.0   Plant shut; West Plant                        n/a
             Christ, TX           50,000-b/d FCCU at reduced
                                  rates since mid-Dec for
                                  economic reasons.

                                  36,000-b/d HCU in West Plant                     March
                                  restarted, Co. said March 16,
                                  after about 18 days of work
                                  delayed from Feb.

    Valero   Norco, LA    250.0   Upgrade project to build                    2012
                                  a new diesel hydrotreater
                                  unit moved from 2010 to
                                  4Q 2012.

    Valero   Port Arthur  325.0   Hydrocracker turnaround lasting
                                  38 days has begun, Co. said
                                  March 15.

                                  77,000-b/d FCCU at reduced                          n/a
                                  rates since mid-Dec for
                                  economic reasons.

    Valero   Sunray, TX   170.0   55,000-b/d FCCU at reduced                n/a
                                  rates since mid-Dec for
                                  economic reasons.

    Valero   Texas City   245.0   Repaired an exchanger leak
             TX                   found in the alkylation unit
                                  located at Complex 2, Co.
                                  said March 15.

    Marathon Texas City    76.0   FCCU being restaretd         March 31
             TX                   after completing required


    BP       Toledo, OH   155.0   $400 million upgrade               2012
                                  to start 2010.

    Valero   Memphis, TN  195.0   Crude unit restarted, while       end-
                                  overhaul of FCCU and alky-                April
                                  lation unit continues, the
                                  company said March 26.
                                  The entire plant had been
                                  off-line since March 14.

    Marathon Catlettsburg 226.0   Turnaround maintenance at un-     n/a
             KY                   specified units starts March
                                  10. No restart estimate.

    Western  Bloomfield,   16.8   Co. announced plans Nov. 9
             NM                   to idle plant and shift
                                  production to Gallup plant.

    Suncor   Commerce      93.0   No. 1 Crude unit will shut for        Mar 22
             City, CO             planned maintenance on Mar 6;
                                  restart Mar 22.
                                  Cryo Unit will shut for planned                  Apr 4
                                  maintnenance Mar 20; restart
                                  April 4.
                                  Planned work at reformer unit                 Fall
                                  deferred to Fall 2010 from Feb                2010 
                                  28 start date.

    Tesoro   Salt Lake     58.0   Major turnaround work will
             City, Utah           begin in 1Q 2010, the Co. said
                                  on Feb 3.

    Tesoro   Mandan, N.D.  60.0   Planned turnaround will               2Q
                                  begin 2Q 2010, the Co. said
                                  on Feb 3.


    Exxon    Torrance, CA 150.0   FCCU, alkylation unit shut        Apr 10
                                  March 20-21 as part of turn-
                                  around maintenance that be-
                                  gan March 1 at several units.
                                  The work is expected to last
                                  for 40 days, trade sources said
                                  on Feb. 11.

    BP      Carson, CA    265.0   Planned flaring activity  on
                                  March 29-April 20 and, Co. reported
                                  in filings.

                          Planned flaring activity reported
                                  for April 4-9, an April 1 filing said.

    Tesoro   Golden Eagle 166.0   Turnaround work began in early          n/a
             Martinez,            Dec at FCCU and alkylation
             CA                   unit, the Co. said on Feb 3.
                                  Restart timing unclear.
                                  Other major turnaround mainte-                2011
                                  nance deferred to 2011 from
                                  late 2009, the Co. said Feb 3.

    Tesoro   Oahu, HI      94.0   Planned turnaround work will
             Kapolei              begin 3Q, 2010, the Co. said
                                  on Feb 3.

                                  Planned work deferred to 2011 from
                                  late 2009, the Co. said Feb 3.

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