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Update – 3 New Asian Coker Adds 1 online?

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    basil parmesan

    Update – Here are three Asian Coker Additions either in progress/online or announced.
    1) Japan’s Kashima Oil – new coker scheduled online 2Q 2009?
    ( Construction started 2008 But Financial collapse + Oil downturn was followed by management reorganization at Kashima & rumor was coker project was on hold. No news update seen).
    2) Japan’s Cosmo Oil / Sakai – new 25 MBD coker scheduled online by Feb 18, 2010 not confirmed but lots news tracks on project.
    3) Recent announcement China-Taiwan Formosa Plastic/Mailiao expansion & coker addition  (+25-30 MBD  to total 65 MBD) online by 2012.
    If anyone has update on Japan’s cokers online details please advise.

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    Charles Randall

    See Registered Coker Update on Japan Cosmo Sakai Coker – ceremony was held for its Feb 18, 2010 completion. News release & coker picture is on Cosmo website.
    This confirms two of three Asian coking projects with recent updates.

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    Ken Mowers

    The Japan Cosmo Sakai Coker is not online yet. The Cosmo Oil web site is not entirely telling the truth.
    I was there in January/Febuary conducting the pre-commisioning of the control system for coke cutting system supplied by Flowserve. Upon my departure the unit still had about another month or two before the wer going to do the first cut.
    I have been in contact with a Foster Wheeler friend of mine, who is one of the Process Operations Advisorand he told me the delayed coker might be completed but there are major big issues with the welding. The problems began on the DHU and now they are inspecting the coker gas plant. It has something to do with JGC not following the correct weld proceedures.
    Cosmo has Sankyu hired to be the contract coke cutters, and they are practicing almost everyday. From what my Foster Wheeler friend says “It is like a toy to them with the cutting water pump running and the drill stem up and down all day long.”
    As far as he knows, there is not a firm start date as of yet.

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