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    Freddy Martinez

    We are currently expanding our coker and adding two new drums plus a new Coking heater. The plan is to use Ultra sonic meters in the Coking heater pass flows. Is anyone else doing this and what is your opinion of Ultra sonic in this service? How does a Coke drum switch affect the Ultra sonic? We currently have Wedge meters and they work great but our IT guys want to go with Ultra sonic for both of the Coking heaters. I am skeptical of Ultra sonic in this stream.  Thanks

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    Lucibar Davalillo

    I would not try anything more expensive if wedge meters work well, as you said.
    You will need more room to accomodate ultrasonic, so it will have some additional plot plan impact
    Just my thoughts..

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    Rang Nath Dubey

    What is the recent trend regarding flowmeters in the heater pass flows ? How is the performance of wedge flowmeters? We are thinking to install ultrasonic flowmeters for this service, but many of the colleagues are of the opinion that wedge flowmeters work as fine.
    Thanks in advance for your replies.

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    Only thing I know is that Conoco Phillips used ultrasonic in a Texas location and experienced random spikes in their readings and the bandwith of these spikes became shorter over time. The extreme temperature may have something to do with it. 

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    Dear All,
    Greeting of the day! We have used eccentric orifice meter in heater pass line. Can you provide basis for selection of orifice meter for coke particle service.

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