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U-bend delta pressure measurement vs catalyst flow

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    we measure the pressure on the U- bend on different places and we use that difference in pressure between two points to see if our catalyst circulation is good.
    Can someone explain that? what does it mean if the dp rises: do we have more catalyst between those 2 points, or is our speed goin up, or is there an obstruction, …? 
    Our FCCU is with a reactor pressure 2.2 bar / regenerator 1.8 bar / slide valves open / steam purges and control air on U- bends.
    Is there a standard pressure profile for the U -bends?
    And final, what makes the catalyst go from A to B in the U-bend? it is not always goin to a point where the pressure is lower according to our measurements?
    This is not the most easy stuff to think about 🙂
    many greetings

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