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Turn on your lights Saturday 3/28 – Vote No to Environmental Subtrafuge & Yes to keeping US Jobs

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    Freddy Martinez

    Please turn on every light in & outside your house this Saturday – 3/28/09!!!!!
    The Liberal media is billing this as vote for Earth …….. but if you read deeper or look at FULL disclosure, it is a backdoor vote for Global Warming (as caused by man) and push to get Congress to enact Environmental legislation like Kyoto or Carbon Tax.
    These folks know they can never pass this type legislation as straight ticket since more than 50% people now know that Global Warming as caused by man – is a hoax/fraud, and proved by the real meteorologist/climatologist (not “hundreds of faceless scientist whose names are never know” but suspected to be just liberal’s with a science degree).
    And majority of the US (+63%) do not want to join Kyoto that has been proven not only a failure (none of 18 signature countries made any of their goals thru 2008) but has set environmental emissions back nearly a decade (allowing undeveloped countries like Russia & China to be exempted from regulation has pushed China for example from #7 Global rank into #1 largest polluter at end of 2008 ahead of US). 
    The same can be said for the Carbon Tax/Emission trading Cap that Europe undertook as part of Kyoto that ended up as a trading scam that did not lead to any new investments, new green areas but did lead to harvesting the money that would have gone into them by speculators & environmental traders.
    So now that you know what this is really about – go outside & turn on all your lights on Saturday at the designated time & encourage all your friends & relatives to do the same ……… especially if you want to keep your jobs, get our economy back on its feet & keep what’s left of our Manufacturing industry in the US.

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    I’m not going to confuse respect for my environment with subterfuge.  Clean air for my family to breathe and clean water to drink are important for all of us.  Oil and industry still need to be responsible players.  We can not sacrifice our healthy living today and healthy environment for our children, for the sake of bigger wages, corporate profits and lopsided executive bonuses.  I work in the oil business.  I am proudly Pro-environment and Pro-oil!

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    Charles Randall

    Count me in!! But since I live in Apt group it isnt going to be noticed ……… So I am out trying to rent some freaky big search lights to give these guys a visual finger for pulling this crap! Ha

    Regards to the Pro-environmental Pro-Oil guy ……. grow some gonads and pick a side dude.  The Environmentalist are making sure there arent going to be any Pro-Oil or any type fossil guys around in case you haven’t noticed. 

    This NIMBY crap of beat up US so at least the air & water in my back yard is ok if you want to destroy our country. Or if you don’t care if we have to eventually outsource all our manufacturing, all our oil production and all our jobs because we cannot compete on cost……just isn’t going to work.  Wake up and take a look at bankrupt California that every company is moving away from there is your Pro-Nimby, Pro-Environment and Anti-US leader.

    When they first started doing “Smoke-free” areas in resturants – I guess everyone thought that was ok, but all the air went to same air-conditioners/heating ducts and so all you were doing is keeping the smokers from blowing it in your face… still breathed smoke.  This is why you have to think Global – when you have China putting on coal plants every week & without emissions control, or adding 1-2 new unmonitored refineries a year or dumping all their toxic wastes into rivers they then use to grow US food/wash it or feed it to thier livestock going to US/use it process making US drugs & toys…..then everything you do that pushes industry out of a developed country where there are tight regulations and into a developing one where there are none is a HUGE mistake.

    We have been making this mistake for over 15 years dont you NIMBY’s want to pull your heads out & stop it????  US Pro-environment types have blocked ANY refineries for over 25 years now, we cannot get single new Clean-Coal Power plant approved but somehow its ok for China to put polluters on line every week?

    And another thing -if you want to stop big bonus to executives then pull all your 401k/IRA/Retirement funds out the darn Mutual funds until the investment companies tell you they are going to vote on issues like exec pay (the way individuals holding the stock would). The way it is now the Board & Top Exec’s hold majority of voting stock and get do what they want because they know investment companies never vote the Mutual fund shares on any issues!
    Has nothing to do with what we are talking about on this issue – so go look for another boogey man where you get to sit on your rear and complain instead of actually doing something.


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