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    Freddy Martinez

    I am attempting to better understand your industry as I try to extend some of REFRA.reSources software from its niche in the cement industry to the petro-chem facilities. REFRA.reSources software excels in documenting refractory placement (in 3D) within complex process vessels and recovering, with two mouse-clicks, the complete history of that points maintenance history. It provides to the operator MTBF and product data and used by him to assess the process and structural considerations when thermal stress is detected on the skin of the vessel. Cement vessels operate from 1000 to 2800 degrees and the integrity of the refractory linings is critical to structural and personnel safety.

    In short:

    Do the FCCU vessels employ refractory for thermal protection of the structure or for abrasion protection of the structures?

    What temperatures do FCCUs see during normal operations?

    Are the in-situ linings renewed in total during turn-arounds or are they periodically patched and brought back on?

    Would there be value to know which part of a lining is shorter into its campaign life and of a different composition relative to a neighboring lining during the day to day ops?

    Are there other components of a refinery where refractory design is critical for thermal protection.

    Do different refiners find better success with different designs or formulations than at others at their facilities (i.e. are there generally accepted solutions, or is each mechanical design, turbulence and feed stock unique enough that the operating environment becomes unique, thus the optimal solution needs to be unique as well)?

    I am located in the PNW and would truly be indebted should any of you offer a tour of your facility. I have a TWIC card.

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