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Total Pt Arthur Coker Petcoke Production Estimates

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    basil parmesan

    Offline Question: Hey Charlie,
    I’ve got someone asking me what is Total’s Port Arthur coke production? I’ve seen on the internet 730,000tph and over 1,000,000tpy. I figure you probably have the straight scoop.

    The 730Kmtpy is probably the expected output for this year with startup in 2Q2011. The 1-1.1MM mtpy is what Kinder Morgan has on their May 2011 Terminal presentation (doing handling for Total) and what CemReview Petcoke report has down for expected production capacity. Its 50MBD / 4 drum / Fluor EPC project so I think 1.1MM mtpy is probably conserative and based on design cycle times of 18-24 hours. Total is going crank that baby up (12-16hr cycles) just like every other refinery once crazy WTI differential gets sorted & enough Canadian crude finally makes it gulf coast via P/L (or VZ-Mexico get their acts back together).

    Would appreciate if anyones got any info on what Total’s coker cycle times/ new crude charge & rates/petcoke production will really be with new coker ( Fluor did EPC work) now that is operating.
    The 750kmtpy came from a HydroCarbon Processing Article in August 2011. Previous update was in July & May 2011 after startup at begining of 2Q2011.

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