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    Freddy Martinez

    Nowdays, I am studying Delayed Coker Unit, especially Top & Bottom unheading valves. We have 2 coker drums, and detail engineerinig stage. Coke drums and unheading valves are really crucial equipment for easy operation of the DCU.
    There are many complex logics hanging on the unheading valves. That’s why i am really into these valve. 
    Here are my questions.
    1. Where can i get the useful information about the unheading valves? I just want that information gives me understand very well means easy explanation. (chute, Hydraulic oil..etc)
    2. I read some articles about the unheading valves as a useful tool of coke drums drain. How is it possible?
    3. We have 2 feed lines in one drum (we are operating 2 drums based on 18 normal working hour). Which angle is the best way to prevent the coke deposited in the inlet line? 180 degree apart?
    Thanks for reading~.
    I look forward to seeing many replies ^^
    Have a nice day.
    Best regards, KS

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    Lucibar Davalillo

    A good start could be this link:
    Just get enrrolled and they will fullfill you with answers

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    Im going to send some information , best  Regards

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    Please contact:   Zimmermann&Jansen is supplying coker unheading equipment.

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