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    Mitchell Moloney

    Thursday Breakout Discussion

    1. Coke Fines Management
    a. Get as many fines out of basin before it goes to clear water tank
    b. Maze; stay on top of cleaning it
    c. Minimize fines; move stem one foot per revolution
    2. Slide Gate Valves
    a. Just do it
    3. Chutes
    a. Slide gate valve removes problem
    4. Free fall arrestors
    a. Periodic testing of safety device
    b. Monthly inspection
    5. PM schedules vs. Ops outage
    a. Best practice; have scheduled maintenance day
    b. Hold planning meetings
    6. Continuous Level on Coke Drum
    a. Implement radiation protocol throughout yard
    7. Antifoam Injection Methods
    a. Manually double-block to prevent leak by

    1. Anti-Foam
    a. 600,000 viscosity helps reduce silica contamination uses less silica
    b. Optimize the carrier to avoid temperature slump on coke drum overhead temperature; Monitor the ratio of carrier to anti-foam
    2. Fractionators Coke Removal System
    3. Blow Down System
    a. External steam heater works better than internal stab in
    b. Be prepared to replace damaged trays in the blown down tower before turnaround
    c. PM program on Fin Fans, clean external fins & flushing system to clean internal (online)
    4. Fractionators Performance
    a. Develop procedures or methodology to deal with drum warm up switch and gas oils swings to avoid upsets in fractionators
    b. Hollow cone vs. full cone; group felt full cone worked better
    c. To avoid salting in fractionators keep overhead temperature at 230 minimum.

    1. Tar in coke drum
    a. Extend coking cycle
    i. i.e. due to heater trip
    1. BP 1 to 2 hours, increase heater outlet 5 degrees more than normal
    2. LB up to 4 hours additional coking time
    b. Drill stem stuck in drum
    i. Float it (maybe steam too)
    2. Coke drum foamovers
    a. Lined up to wrong drum. Need indicator to console to verify the lineup.
    b. Caused by certain feeds. Increase antifoam, reduce steam.
    3. Drum Switch
    a. Steam cycle – Ramp: 23,000 up to 35,000 to open up veins in the drum to get a better quench. Reduce steam quench as necessary in the event of foaming.

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