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    4 drums coker

    Maintenance & Reliability

       1. Decoking
             1. Decoke valves – manual operation
             2. How to make safe operation of a manual operation
             3. Future of Petrobras is automated systems
                   1. Campaign – 3, 5, 7 years
                         1. Shutdown of 4-5 weeks
                         2. Cutting tool stuck in the drum
       2. Rotating Equipment
             1. Gas compressors
             2. Charge pumps
             3. Crude Pumps
             4. Coke fines in the compressor and pumps
             5. Enough inlet pressure for compressor
             6. Reliability on the jet pump
             7. Spare pump vs. pump parts
             8. Repair pump on X hours of operation
             9. Repair pump with diagnostic analysis
            10. Motor failures

    Coke Drums

       1. Feed Inlet
             1. Side Inlet
                   1. One site has single horizontal side feed inlet
                         1. No problems to date
                         2. Not insulated spool & inlet nozzle
                   2. One site has 2 horizontel inlets but unheader not installed yet
                         1. No Problems
                   3. How long will they last & fatigue
                         1. May work better because intergrally re-enforced
                         2. Change in Temperature accross the wall is the only contraint
                         3. Change in temperature accros diameter not measured yet
                         4. No problem with flange                
                   4. Recommend to insall TI’s to get real data for analysis. Strain Guage also useful
                   5. Need to reduce piping loads
                         1. Check Hangers & Reliefes
                   6. Will dual inlet cancel eachother & send flow up center of drum
                         1. See 4 above
       2. Skirt Attachments
             1. Styles: Tangent mount, in-line, forged, Egg in cup, Linkage
                   1. SHI described FR frabicator
                         1. Larger crotch radius is good
                         2. Compare to expense of FR vs Welded
                         3. Does this FR last longer?
                               1. Need user feedback
                               2. Theoretically, yes, longer life, but it depends attachments
                   2. Egg in cup & Linkage Style
                         1. Remove bending stress in skirt due to drum expansion when hot


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