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    basil parmesan

    Fire out at Tesoro’s L.A. refinery: media
    Sep 25, 12:09 pm ET

    TORONTO (Reuters) An early morning fire at Tesoro Corp’s 100,000 barrel-per-day refinery in Wilmington, California, has been extinguished, according to local media.
    Speaking from the refinery site, Los Angeles Fire Department Deputy Chief Mario Rueda said, “It appears we’ve successfully shut off the fuel,” according to the Los Angeles Times blog.
    The fire began early Friday morning and centered on the coking unit, which was undergoing planned maintenance. A company spokesman said earlier that the affected units would be shut down.
    (Reporting by Janet McGurty; Editing by Lisa Shumaker

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    What was the cause?  Impact?

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    Charles Randall

    Sorry this isnt “Ask Jeeves” – if you want to know then you should do a search. There are way too many refinery fires these days to track down all details – I just try focus on coking refinery incidents so we can crosscheck the Shutdown reports, lost coke production & refinery utilizations.
    But here is what usually happens on these fires – Refinery is quick to claim no impact to production (lot times even when it does – watch spike in gas prices), and to say no one is injured or at least how many.  But cause usually takes investigation that drags on for while – however source & starting point follow behind or with the impact & injury news.
    If you have read some my post before you know my peeve is folks asking these “baby bird = feed me” questions but never getting off their butts to find info & post for the rest of us.
    I will assume your not one “those” so here is what followed so far (your on your own tracking down the rest ):
    Fire at California refinery is extinguished, Tesoro says
    API SmartBrief | 09/29/2009
    A fire that broke out Monday in the coking unit of Tesoro’s refinery in Wilmington, Calif., has been extinguished, but the cause of the fire is still being investigated, Tesoro said. The unit has a capacity of 100,000 barrels per calendar day. No one was reported injured, and the extent of the damage remains uncertain, the San Antonio-based company said. Oil & Gas Journal (09/28)

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    Thanks for the lecture.  Before I submitted the question, I looked through numerous internet sources but there was no description of cause.  
    Since this site is dedicated to delayed coker safety, and the fire occurred in California where there are a few cokers beside Tesoro, I was hoping that someone would submit a useful response.

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    Charles Randall

    This site IS dedicated to delayed coker safety – these guys all do tremendous job focusing on this area & have teams set up to share the information across their industry.
    Since the fire just occurred  you were given the useful response for this stage & perhaps you should re-read the lecture. Cause is a significant determination and seldom is it clear cut enough to be announced in the begining of investigation of the facts. If you were truly involved in the coker safety industry – you wouldnt have asked that question now – regardless of how many cokers are in the area.
    Just because you are an idiot with question who thinks he needs an answer now – doesnt mean you can get around normal safety process by jumping to site that focus on this area and get your “fast food” response to a serious outcome ……. doesnt mean it is going to happen.
    I notice you logged in as guest – which also suggest you arent a member of this site or its safety group, so you shouldnt have any expectation of getting a lead on the outcome of a safety investigation before it is ready to be released.

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    The original response did not say that they needed an answer now.  You may have overreacted.

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    Update: Tesoro Eyes Mid-October Restart for Fire-Downed Coker at 100,000 b/dWilmington, California RefineryTesoro expects to resume normal rates by mid-October at its fire-slowed, 100,000 b/d Wilmington, Californiarefinery, the company said on October 6. The September 25 fire forced shut a coking unit, Tesoro said. Theincident also exposed 60,000 square feet of asbestos-containing debris, which workers began cleaning at the endof September, according to a spokesman with the South Coast Air Quality Management District.Bloomberg News, 11:48 October 6, 2009Reuters, 09:35 October 6, 2009

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    Another armchair quarterback re-caping the game from the cheap seats are we?

    The “NOW” was implied when the “Guest#1” said he searched the internet & didnt find what he wanted in news post.
    So he posted one word questions for Cause & Impacts & when he got most recent news post & indication that his items would only when investigation was complete ….. said he was looking for more “useful” response or QED an implied now answer to his items. I notice a more recent news post still lacks the items after a week of investigation…. as expected.

    So Guest#3 (Guest#2 /MinnieMe to #1 – we dropped off due his goofy comment) you can also stuff your “overreactecd”. I do this site as freebie & I do it to help the coker guys in the trenches – not the outsiders/journalist/BD developers/Investment sharks or Traders.

    I think it is probably time for putting the Coker News on members only access and shucking out some of you “Guest” & competitors getting free ride on industry details.

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    Charles Randall

    Tesoro refinery to resume production after fire
    Tesoro refinery that was site of Sept. 25 fire to resume production in mid-October
    SAN ANTONIO, Texas (AP) Oct 6, 2009 — Tesoro Corp. said Tuesday that it expects to resume operating its coking unit at its Wilmington refinery in the middle of this month.
    The unit, located near Los Angeles, was the site of a major fire on Sept. 25. Tesoro said it will operate at full rates, which will allow the refinery to return to planned production levels.
    The facility processed 100,000 barrels of crude oil a day into gasoline, jet fuel and other products. Company officials said at the time it would continue operations at reduced rates.
    Tesoro shares rose 7 cents to close at $14.51 after the news was announced.

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    Grow, your all Frikin Kids

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    You logged in as a guest????  You and Chuck need to grow up. The guy just sounded curious….so what?? A simple  “I don’t know the causes yet” would have been sufficient.  You two act like this is some top secret information yet you’re posting on a public discussion board??? Pull your heads out or go blog for MTV or E! if you wanna treat people like crap!

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    I am guess from the sounds of it most posting on this subject know nothing of what a real coker is anyway.  Do you think the real root cause of such fires is readily available for public broadcast.  Probably not.  Too much time, too few brains.

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    Nice answer Wikopedia….

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