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Temperature and Foam

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    Jesse Lai

    Hi there,
    Does anyone know why higher temperatures greatly decrease the height of the foam in the coker?
    And at what temperature range will accomplish that?

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    We raise the heater outlet temperature 5 F and we see significant reduction in foaming.  If you are running the coke drum inlet temperature below 900 F and are having foaming, try raising the temperature.  A few degrees makes a big difference. 
    The theory is that the higher temperature increases the rate of the cracking reaction which therefore decreases the froth on top of the coke drum.

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    Lucibar Davalillo

    I personally believe every coker behaves different, depending on many factors, being most evident: feed quality, heaters efficiency, fractionator wash oil section design, TPR, and T,P conditions, etc..others less evident are, additional steam consumption, additional flush oil consumption, blowdown limitations, HKGO filters operation, and in general everything may affect your coke drum superficial velocity.
    Only after doing a concious review of design parameters and making sure everything is running to the optimum, then ramping heaters at the end of the cycle may help mitigate foaming issues. I have found similar problems due to excessive steam velocity in heaters and just adjusting back values to normal design was enough to get out of the foaming problems.

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    Claus Graf

    I agree with Lucky, every coker is different.

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    Can any one suggest me details of manufacturer/supplier of Ammonium Polysulfide.

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    The one I know and have very good technical support is Tesenderlo Kerly.
    Javier Maldonado

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