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Table Of Asia Refinery Maintenance Schedules

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    August 20, 2007 / TOKYO -(Dow Jones)- The following table lists maintenance schedules and outages for oil refineries in Asia.
    Additional information will be added as it becomes available. Asia Refinery Annual Maintenance Schedule

    Country Company Location Unit(B/D) Period/Duration

    Bangladesh Eastern Chittagong All Units Oct, 2 weeks
    Refinery (33,000)
    China Sinopec Maoming No.3 CDU Jul 10-30
    China Sinopec Maoming No.3 Hydrocracker Jul 15-Aug 16
    China Sinopec Maoming No.2 RFCC Jul 15-Aug 30
    China PetroChina Daqing All Units Jul-Aug
    China Sinopec Shanghai No.2 CDU Jul 20-Aug 4
    India HPCL Mumbai All units Oct-Nov
    India IOC Mathura All units May, 30 Days
    India MRPL Mangalore Hydrocraker Oct, 30 Days
    Japan Cosmo Oil Chiba No.1 CDU Sep 28-Nov 11
    Japan Cosmo Oil Sakai No.1 CDU Aug 26-Oct 10
    Japan Showa Shell Keihin No.5 CDU Aug 27-Oct 2
    Japan Seibu Oil Yamaguchi Desufuliser Aug 20-late Oct
    (Part Of 50,000)
    Singapore Exxon Mobil Jurong No. 1 CDU May 3-May 18
    Island (115,000) after fire
    Singapore Exxon Mobil Jurong All Units June 29-mid-Aug
    Refinery (296,000)
    Singapore SRC Jurong No. 1 CDU May, 25 days
    S Korea GS Caltex Yeosu No. 2 CDU Apr, less than
    (130,000) 30 days
    S Korea GS Caltex Yeosu No. 3 CDU Apr, less than
    (150,000) 30 days
    S Korea Hyundai Daesan No. 2 CDU Mid-Aug,
    (280,000) 25 days
    S Korea SK Corp. Ulsan No. 1 CDU Apr 4-28
    S Korea SK Corp Ulsan No. 5 CDU End July,
    (260,000) 3-4 Days
    S Korea SK Corp. Ulsan No. 3 CDU Aug 13-Sep 22
    S Korea S-Oil Ulsan No.3 CDU Jun 22-Jul 11
    S Korea SK Incheon Incheon No.2 CDU Aug 6-23
    Taiwan CPC Kaohsiung No.6 CDU June 6-end Jul
    Taiwan CPC Talin No.9 CDU End-Jul,
    (100,000) 30 days
    Taiwan CPC Talin No.11 CDU Mid-Sep,
    (100,000) 30 days
    Taiwan CPC Taoyuan No.2 CDU Dec,
    (100,000) 30 days
    Taiwan Formosa Mailiao No.2 RDS Mid-Aug,
    (80,000) 30-40 days
    Taiwan Formosa Mailiao No.1 RFCC Jul 10,
    (73,000) 10 days

    TBA – To be announced
    CDU – Crude distillation unit
    RFCC – Residual fluid catalytic cracker
    RDS – Residual desulfurizer


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