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Syria, Iran, Venezuela to sign agreement on constructing oil refinery

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    Syria, Iran, Venezuela to sign agreement on constructing oil refinery
    Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) – Oct. 29, 2007
     (MENAFN – Kuwait News Agency (KUNA)) Syria, Iran and Venezuela will sign next Tuesday a partnership agreement on constructing a crude oil refinery with a capacity of 140,000 barrels per day near the midland city of Homs, which will be followed by founding a joint company for carrying out studies and implementing the project, a statement from the Syrian oil ministry said on Sunday.

    In addition to the three countries, the Malaysian Al-Bukhari Group will participate in the construction of the refinery, the statement added
    Iran’s Assistant Minister of Petroleum, Venezuela’s Assistant Minister of Energy and Chairman of Al-Bukhari Group are set to arrive in Damascus on Monday to sign the agreement and visit the location of the refinery at Al-Farkalas region east of Homs, about 160 km north of the capital Damascus

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    Essar backs off Iranian refinery on US pressure
    Gulf Times – Nov 01, 2007 9:21 PM
    NEW YORK: India’s Essar Group has backed away from development of a new oil refinery  in Iran that would violate US sanctions on Tehran, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty said on Wednesday.
    <The US State Department declined to comment specifically on Essar, but a department official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said, “If this Indian company has decided it’s in its best interest to back away from dealings in Iran, that’s excellent.” US companies are prohibited by law from working in Iran, although foreign affiliates of US companies, including one linked to oil services company Halliburton, have conducted business there. – Reuters>

    Compare with this recent India/Essar news Item:

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    Charles Randall

    Compare the recent news items on Iranian investments by PDVSA(Venezuela) & ESSAR (India). 
    Essar (India owner of Reliance Coking Refinery – largest in world & doubling size in current expansion) can see the downside of investing in Iran and potential for problem for it’s recently acquired US Minnesota steel plant investment. Now why is it that PDVSA doesn’t see this and isn’t bothered by impacts for it’s US Citgo operations?  Guess it is like Halliburton, they  don’t care because US State Dept lets them get away with it.

    Chavez must be taking the old adage “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” to heart based on this recent news release.
    Their should be case for “Sanctions by association” somewhere in play for a case like this?  Either all US companies get to pursue oil opportunities with sanctioned countries or none of them do – it is thin veil to pretend that Venezuelan’s wholly owned US assets – Citgo will not benefit in some measure eventually from this alignment. Hugo Chávez “ostentatiously cultivates” ties to U.S. enemies and earlier this year, Venezuela, Cuba and Syria were the only International Atomic Energy Agency countries to vote against referring Iran’s nuclear program to the UN Security Council.
    I think it may be time to stop viewing Chavez as merely an entertaining buffoon that taunts GW Bush & the US and start looking at his track record and begin at least stop rewarding him for these actions ……. like letting Citgo receive one largest grants from Homeland Security to improve its L.Charles Port. The irony on this one is so thick you can sell it as scrap metal.
    I have lot of friends in Venezuela & love the Venezuela people most of whom are very opposed to Chavez actions over the last 4 years so when I refer to Venezuela here it is the dictator Chavez I am really speaking of.
    Venezuela has graduated from simply not cooperating with US anti-terrorist efforts to openly making Visa passports easily available with little to no information to third-country nationalist – especially Middle Eastern countries. It is believed that Venezuela has participated in fundraising for Hezbollah Islamist groups on Margarita Island (in Venezuela Caribbean coast) and Venezuela is openly supporting FARC guerillas with weapons and training along the Colombia-Venezuela border.  Venezuela has recently completed a contract for Russian weapons –  AK47 to form Chavez’s million man militia to protect the country from foreign invaders – but few doubt they will be used for the militarization of Venezuelan society and to threaten the very health of democracy in Venezuela & insure outcomes of the next elections.
    Venezuela has also illegally sized US assets, voiding long term contracts and imposing crippling tariffs, royalties and taxes in order to accomplish / blackmail its former partners into the agreements. This alone should have resulted in US sanctions against Venezuelan crude – what is the US afraid of – few refineries in the world can handle the heavy crude and certainly not at the level the US consumes it. 
    The ineffective haphazard US policy has to be overhauled : “Staying Quiet”, criticizing Chavez only in US official reports – never unilaterally,  buying as much oil as possible and hoping neighboring countries will act on their own to isolate Chavez. Even fairy tales have more reality to them than this does.

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