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Sulfur species(mercaptans, COS,CS2,DMDS,DMS) in Coker Fuel gas

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    We are trying to establish 2 things
    1. How does Coker products Gas, Liquid and Coke yields varies with respect to Coking cycle in Coke drums?
    2. How does sulfur species(mercaptans, COS,CS2,DMDS,DMS) generation varies with respect to Coking cycle in Coke drums?
    Has anyone done any studies? or anyone has any idea regarding these two topics?


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    Mike Kimbrell

    Many researchers have studied the reaction kinetics of Delayed Coking and how that impacts yields as a function of time. Most yield predictions are an average of the coking phase of the cycle. As I understand the published information, the yields for the first 30 minutes or so after feed has been switched into the coke drum are biased towards liquid products with limited coke make. Once the resid conversion in the reaction mass has stabilized, the yields from the incoming feed are fairly constant throughout the rest of the coking phase. The mass of hydrocarbons in the coke drum are still reacting so the total products out of the drum have a slight increase with time over the coking phase.

    I am unclear on how gas phase sulfur compounds vary with time during the coking phase. Sulfur compounds are extremely reactive and can combine at relatively low temperatures. Oxygen from the resid, from air left in the coke drum after the steam purge from water used to quench the coke bed can initiate and participate in these reactions. I believe the process of forming these sulfur compounds is much more complex than just them being created during the coking phase.

    The University of Tulsa has had a Joint Industry Project on Delayed Coking running since 1999 to try to understand the fundamentals of this technology. Mike Volk is the Director of this project. He would be a good contact for you to ask these questions.

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    Dear Mike, thanks for valuable input.
    Do you have any literature’s on this topic? can you please share to

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