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    Paul R Orlowski

    Government legislation around the world has imposed more stringent guidelines on sulfur recovery and emissions. These tighter regulations demand that Claus plant design and operations be improved.

    This Sulfur Recovery course by Noel Vicente will provide participants with technical information and proactive training that will aid in the industries sulfur emission problems. You will acquire knowledge in all aspects of sulfur recovery such as process design, troubleshooting, operations, plant optimization and a review of tailgas units. Using an advanced process simulator like VMGSim, will optimize the plant efficiency. You will be able to work hands-on along with testing methods, prevention, troubleshooting, and optimization.
    Similar training will be offered in Galveston, TX in May, 2016. Custom courses are offered.

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    The development of the Topsoe WSA process for removal of sulfur compounds from flue gases and production of sulfuric acid began in the late 70s. The WSA process builds on Topsoe’s extensive experience from the sulfuric acid business and on long-term commitment to development of catalysts and process technology. Major research areas are SO2 oxidation over sulfuric acid catalysts and acid condensation.

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