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    I am writing Procedures for a new coker. i am wondering if anyone has any suggestions regarding freeing of a stuck drill stem during decoking. Our decoking system will be automated with over and under tension set points that will disable the winch. I was thinking that floating out the drill stem will be our only option. Has anyone tried this?

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    For binding/stuck of the tool, each refinery can handle it in different ways and it depends how deep is the tool inside the drum, We sometimes have used the winch to release the stem(this method can cause damage to the rotary joint in Flowserve system case), other times you can install a species of staples around the stem and pull up using camelong of 3 to 4 tons (drum filled with water helps because it allows the fine Coke stop acting like a sticky mud around the stem and other times we have had to disassemble the tool on the top and set up another and start to cut back with the other inside of the drum

    Best Regards

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    james jones

    I appreciate the input. Its gonna be a challenge with our winch being disabbled on over tension.

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    We’ve had fairly good success floating the stem out.

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    Nor Syamrin Wagirin

    we use auto-switch combo cutter.. switching cutting mode from main cutting-mode to pilot-mode has seemed to help whenever we had stuck drill stems..

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    Lucibar Davalillo

    Agree. If auto switch available, back and forth should be the first attempt. Floating the drum with water should be next, but preferably if having bottom slide valves.  

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    james jones

    I apreciate the input we are gonna have auto shift cutting tools this will help.

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    Floating the drill stem out is a practice we use, swapping the autoshift to pilot and work the drill stem up and down is another, but the best result we have had is to stop all water going to drum and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes and let all the water drain from the drum and start working the drill stem up and down until you get the turning motor to start turning, once freed pull bit completely out of coke bed and redrill the pilot hole.. I know time is a factor, for some, we have been running 12 hour cycles for 3 years and like to get a 5 hour warmups in and have not had a problem being on time.

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