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    Does anybody know some storage of green coke in bin, similar to calcined coke?

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    Galindra Mardanny

    this is just our experience in Dumai Refinery, Indonesia.

    Green coke, after decoked from chamber, is transferred to stockpile by means of belt conveyor.
    the stockpile is on a yard surrounded by circle wall at around 2 or 3 meters height.
    It is open to atmosphere. So, if it rains, that’ll be no matter because green coke is getting dry fast.

    the different treatment is for calcined coke. it is stored at silo. the silo is protected from rain and wind.

    best regards,

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    Charles Randall

    Several Ports do not allow green petcoke to be stored in piles outside & require it to be kept in silos/barns or bins. The US LAXT bulk terminal was closed for his reason in California.  Both Koch Carbon & Oxbow do exports of green & calcined petcoke from the nearby POLB from Silos & Bins.
    Most calciners have green petcoke day silos that feed dry green petcoke into the calciner to minimize the moisture problems and fuel cost.
    And as other party indicated nearly all calcined coke moves from protected storage.
    If you use silos – you should try to design them for mass flow instead of plug flow operation. That way the last tonne in will not be part of the first tonne out & there is some better linkage to quality properties.

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