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Statistics about Plants and Drums?

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    Hi there, I am a german student looking for some information about petrochemical issues for a thesis. I am not a technician, but business student and I don’t know if someone can help me out, but I’m in need of facts about the following questions:
    How many facilities/plants with how many drums for delayed coking do exist worlwide?
    How many facilities/plants with how many fcc units do exist worldwide (I know, it’s the wrong forum, but perhaps you have some data)?
    How altered these numbers in the past and is there a forecast for the following years?
    And if I understood right, delayed coking is a very risky process, but I was not able to get any data, are there any official or unofficial accident statistics?

    Every piece of information could help me, if you would like to answer me directly, please send an email to
    Thanks for your help!

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    Was anyone able to answer the question on data concerning Plants and coker drums for the German student?
    I know Oil and Gas journal has a special supplement from their April 06 edition on refineries with coker expansion construction proects. That might assist.

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