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Special Report OGJ: China’s Refining Past-Present-Future

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    basil parmesan

    There is good article in OGJ Mar 7, 2011 – in case you didn’t see it. A ‘Special Report: Capacity, complexity expansions characterize China’s Refining Industry past, present, future’.  <see article @ OGJ online website: @ )
    Hawaii Researcher/Author Dr. Kang Wu (Sr fellow @ East-West Center seems have better sources on his China Refining update and very much better than OGJ 2011 WW Refining Survey but ….. still not “Kosher” on total coker capacity/values.
    Wu has at least 10 times the Coking charge and nearly double the Crude charge – which is good step in the right direction. Albeit a good portion of crude charge and about 1/3 of coker charge is from having good sense to include most of the Local/Independent Refineries Capacity in his totals.
    This years Jan 2011 OGJ WW Refining Capacity Survey only had 6.8MM BPD crude charge (~2005 range in Wu’s report) for 54 refineries (all but 4 were National Government owned Sinopec, PetroChina) with only ~8 of them having cokers for 156 MBPD total , which is a farce for true China Refinery Capacity values.
    I currently have nearly 82-89 cokers (still confirming some 2010 additions) with Yield Capacity of 39 MM mtpy Petcoke (I mostly track coker product) but only 19.8 MM mtpy Petcoke Production for 2010. <See prior News post on  Member Coker News: OGJ China Coker errors 1/26/11 & 12/12/10 Coker Errors and also on  Refinery News post OGJ WW Survey  Jan 2011 Capacity 12/12/10>
    Wu’s table is only showing ~1.3 MM BPD Capacity Coker charge – a long way from OGJ’s  0.156 MM BPD under-estimate but still somewhat short of true value. As Example OGJ US Coker Capacity numbers were 2.4 MM BPD charge (which is also too low) & has Petcoke Capacity yield of ~47 MM mtpy petcoke, so China Refineries should be more than just half US coker charge rate especially since China cokers have lighter overall coker charge than US with lower petcoke production).


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