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Sour water in Coke Drums

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    “Now, I am working w’th Delayed Coker Unit in the detailed-engineering stage.I am just a junior I have a lot of questions about this special unit.I’ fact, We have 2 coke drums and we have sour water from coke drum durung the decoking step based on 18 hrs. We follow the procedure as many refineries do. First, Steam out (1.5hrs) and quenching step(6hrs).My question is that in case of steam out and quenching step, should I totalize the sour water coming from the steam out and que’ch”g step? Because that production rate (peak flow) is really crucial factor to design the sour water stripper unit. My thought ‘s that sequence is followed step by step. That means it is impossible that sour water from the steam out and quenching step happens all at once. Does anyone have idea about this issue? It’s my first time to work with Delayed Coker and I have never seen th’s plant. That’s why i am really into this unit. I w’ll take your advice.
    Best ‘ega’ds,

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