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Solids Handling in Feed

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    Processing High Solids Vacuum Resid (especially in the oilsands)

    What makes solids in feed (high solids vacuum resid) difficult to process in an oilsands coker vs. other locations

    Problems Areas:

    1. Solids definitions or sources
    a. Coke fines
    b. Asphaltenes
    a. Bitumen silt
    b. FCC fines
    c. Corrosion products
    d. etc

    2. Desalter issues

    3. Anticipated levels

    4. Erosion because of the high solids levels

    5. Heater fouling

    6. Drum foaming

    7. Coke drum overhead line fouling

    8. Fractionator fouling

    9. Gas oil quality problems

    This topic will be presented by Sim Romero of KBC Advanced Technologies at the

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