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Sodium concentration limits in Amine

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    Ever get the feeling you’re talking to a wall?  I am wondering (I seem to do that  a lot) if there is a recommended maximum limit on sodium concentration in amine service for acid gas removal.  I am also wondering if excessive sodium in an amine stream could be carried off with the acid gas to the reaction furnace.  I have more wonders on what that sodium might be doing inside the furnace, but I will save those for later.  Does anyone have a limit on Na and if so what do you do to control it?  Is there any industry data on unplanned events caused by excessive sodium content in H2S?

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    Everyone who works in sulfur feels like they’re talking to a wall. Are you talking about Heat stable salts? If so what type of Amine do you use, MEA, MDEA, DEA? And what strength do you run at%

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    Pete Bisila

    Thanks- it’s nice to know I’m not the only one stubbing my toe on the yellow brick road, or banging my head against a yellow brick wall.  We use MEA in 10-18% strength.  I’m not talking HSS but rather elemental sodium as measured in an amine test.  I don’t know what form it is taking in the amine.  My concern/wonderment is the potential for sodium to be carried out of the amine with the acid gas.  Does anyone know of a transport mechanism for sodium or sodium hydroxide to leave the liquid stream and go out with the vapor stream?

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    Egbert van Hoorn

    There is a limit for the sodium content. It is basically the maximum solubility of Sodium in amine solutions.
    It is somewhere between 1 and 2 %.
    The possibilities of Sodium entrainment from an amine unit are rather small. The amine itself (containing the sodium) can be entrained.
    Egbert van Hoorn

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    What is the source of Sodium in Amine?

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