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    coker squirrel

    When it comes time to drain a coke drum, we have noticed the tendency of the coke drum drain line to plug after injecting slurry in the bottom of the drum during the first part of the quench cycle.  This tends to happen if the coke is unusually shot.  Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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    Hello people!

    This question is for the people that sends sludge for the cooker drum.

    Do you have some oil in the water drained from the drum? Is it a problem to you?

    Normally we get no oil in the drained water. When I sent sludge to cooker drum, I’ve got a thin layer of oil over the water.

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    Hello Mr. Squirrel – can I offer you a nut?

    By slurry, I assume you mean FCC main column bottoms or CSO or clarified slurry oil or Cat bottoms or decant oil or……. any other ideas out there? The funny part about this stuff is that most FCC people have stopped using their decanter or clarifier to get the FCC fines out of this stuff, causing the coke or other processing unit’s headaches. But I digress.

    CSO, as I prefer to call it, is like molecular glue. It cross-links coke structures for a variety of reasons. It also requires a lot more energy to crack. So if you are batching it into the bottom of the drum, you could have a new coke morphology being created which is causing draining issues.

    ??’s –
    What percentage on feed are you putting it into the drum
    For how long?
    How long is the cycle time?

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