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    Lucibar Davalillo

    Hello All,
    For those with top/bottom slide valves as unheading devices, is there a preferential location for control panels? Could both, top and bottom slide valves, be operated from single panel? would it be safer if located at top deck, rather than one at top deck and one at bottom deck?
    Thanks in advance,

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    from the standpoint of security, it is always preferable if the operator can have an eye over this operation, these panels are located on the opposite side of  pair of the drums  (but in the same platform) . I do not think it advisable to locate in different places unless you can  monitor this operation  with other operator or television cameras

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    Lucibar Davalillo

    I share your thoughts…Thanks
    However, my understanding is that the trend lately is to control both from the top. 
    Does anybody have a different point of view or experience? 

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    Robert Kamp

    It is my understanding from a safety standpoint that the industry was trying to get away from having operators removed from the sructure during the unheading process, i.e remote unheading.

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    Yes – move the operator off the structure and definately not on the top of the drum.
    Sim Romero

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    Nor Syamrin Wagirin

    our coker is installing deltavalve in coming months. The control panel will be located away from the structure. The operators however would be able to see the drum during the operation.

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    Definitely do not put the controls on the top deck. If something goes awry, guys on top deck are sitting ducks with no place to go, unless they grow wings and fly. A control panel located away from the deheading deck but in such a position as the operator is able to see the deheading deck and preferably the chutes and coke pit is the best way to go in my opinion.

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    ted pivo

    if you are using either the Delat Valve or Z&J valve you can have your interlocks and operations panel located in your control room, by using camera you can tell if everything is moving correctly, we have done this already

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    Lucy, in bottom of the drum opposite site of the drum or out of the structure, Remenber the operator still has to go to remove the security pin

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    ted pivo

    Espana 2005

    If you use the Z&J valve with Blac actuator you DON’T HAVE A PIN TO PULL. the interlock system Blac has built has hydraulic locking pins that lock the valve in both the open and closed position. I have seen this system in their shop and believe it is the SAFEST coker valve

    contact me for more info

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    Agree. That’s what I thought.. In fact, I’d not like a system just purely from automatic action on such a safe mechanical lock.. It should not fully replace operator overseing it.

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