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Six (6) Drum Coker

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       Anyone working at a (6) six drum Coker? if so I would like some infor if you don’t mind

    1. What size drums do you have
    2. What rates are you running
    3. what is your cycle and what type of Coke are you making
    4. What COT’s do you run and what is your max feed rate
    5. Do you run sludge and what/how many tons a week or mins per sludge injection cycle.
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    I work in 8 drum Coker each of size 8 meter dia and 37 meter height…
    We are running at 163000 BPD rate
    15 hr cycle… Fuel grade coke
    COT – 496 deg celcius and pass flow is 86-88 m3/hr
    Sludge injection cycle is 30-45 mins

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    I know of 6 drum cokers that run on a single fractionator on 12 hr cyles with rates of close to 110,000b/d.   The question that is important is to understand if the 6 or 8 drum cokers are on one fractionator or 2.  The six drum cokers I mention are making shot coke.  They all have new unheading systems with the DeltaValve valve on top and bottom of drum

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