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Sinopec Wuhan Refinery & Petchem – new coking unit completed

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    Charles Randall

    Wuhan Petrochemical newly built a 1.20 million t/y delayed coking unit

    Oil & GasRefinery Watch

    (, Apr 14, 2008) April 11,2008 – Intermediate delivery of a 1.20 million t/y delayed coking unit was completed in Wuhan Petrochemical. The unit is the second one which has been completed intermediate delivery among Wuhan Petrochemical’s newly built four units for 1st phase of oil refining reform project.
    The company’s oil refining reform project includes 5 million t/y atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit, 1.20 million t/y delayed coking unit, 1.9 million t/y diesel hydrogenation unit, 60 thousand t/y sulfur recovery unit, 2 million t/y hydrocracking unit, 1.8 million t/y catalytic hydrocracking unit, hydrogen production unit. After completion of all the units, oil refining capacity of Wuhan Petrochemical will reach 8 million t/y.

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    Charles Randall

    This is update on China’s Sinopec Wuhan Refinery & Petchem complex to increase capacity by 30% by 2010.
    The new 1.2 mm tpy coker (this 1.2 mmtpy charge capacity is ~25 MBD) was recently completed along with a new 2 mm tpy Hydrocracker.  A new 5 mm tpy vacuum tower was completed ~ Dec 25, 2007 time frame – all 3 new units helped remove some of the major bottlenecks on goal of getting Refinery charge capacity up from 6.5 mm tpy (130.5 MBD) to 8.0 mm tpy (~160 MBD). Also recently completed on the Petchem side was 800 kmtpy ethylene plant that was partnership with South Korea’s SK Corp on Dec 18, 2007.
    The 1.2 mm tpy coker licensed in 2005 by SEI Technology, is online early from some of 2009 estimates and is second new coker at Wuhan (2.3 mm tpy licensed 2004 / online 2006?) and the original existing anode coker 1.0 mm tpy coker was revamped in 1996 by 0.400 mm tpy according to my records. 
    Some Background: Wuhan has become a sort of petrie dish for change in China and an experimental zone of comprehensive reform in fostering links with poorer rural surroundings, developing green industries & pioneer liberalization – even gambling! 
    Some examples:
    – Wuhan Railway station $14B yuan completes 2009 & will help make Wuhan 4th largest railway hub in China – a Japanese-style 200+mph “Bullet Train” technology on rail line is also slated to be launched next summer.
    Wuhan Yangluo Yangtze River Bridge 8th largest suspension bridge in world just opened (5th bridge on Yangtze river) connecting Yangluo with Beihu petrochemical plant.
    Wuhan China Petroleum & Chemical Corp (Sinopec) $14.7 B yuan petrochemical complex slated for operation at end 2010/ first 2011 which will add 800 k tpy ethylene and much needed diesel & gasoline fuel supplies for booming economy in region.
    Wuhan’s own “Dongfeng Automobile”  plans on expanding 2007’s 150,000 complete vehicles & engines (which was increase 19%)  to 300,000 by 2012.
    Wuhan Iron & Steel Corp (WISCO) has just inked MOU with companies in India & S.Korea on pipeline steel
    Wuhan was selected as testbed for return of horse racing! The Chinese government is now all set to legalise horse racing – once banned by Communist Party as feudal, colonial & backward. Wuhan, once a European colonial settlement was selected to have first license
    because it is listed as one of China News Service – City Connect’s 2008 “rich cities” because its citizens have more money than before due to the large increase in GDP (Wuhan was one of 6 cities exceeding $300 B yuan GDP products – but number cities with that claim has now
    The Wuhan coker is one of over 39 refineries & petchem complex’s that have delayed coking units (although few may still be old “Still Coking” units similar to the few left in Russia).
    The new Wuhan coker addition is one of 17-20 new coking additions that are coming online  2007-2014. I have posed updates on for approximately 7 of the new additions: ie: the Sinopec Maoming Refinery, Sinopec Jinling Refinery, CNOOC Huizhou Refinery, Sinopec Tianjin Refinery, Sinopec Yan Shen Refinery, Sinopec LuoYang Refinery and now the Sinopec Wuhan Refinery coker additions. I have several others but they are not in public realm yet and there are another 5-8 Overall Refinery integrated expansions that have not detailed if they require coking units.
    The following is link to Shanghai Kai-Gong Valve Co LTD, a Chinese Valve company website that has list of several reference projects – including few coker expansions and can be contact into opportunities there. ( )

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