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Sinopec Jinling Coking Refinery Major Maintenance 2Q08

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    Charles Randall

    Sinopec’s Jinling plans major maintenance in 2Q
    BEIJING, Jan 31, 2008 (Reuters) – Sinopec’s Jinling refinery plans a second-quarter overhaul of a major crude oil unit and related secondary facilities that will take more than half its capacity off-stream for about a month, an industry source said.
    The maintenance work at the 270,000 barrel-per-day plant was pushed back from November last year after the government urged its refiners to boost production amid widespread shutdowns.
    Jinling, in the coastal province of Jiangsu in eastern China, aims to shut a 160,000 bpd crude unit, a hydrocracker with annual capacity of 1.7 million tonnes, a delayed coking unit of 1.5 million tonnes and other downstream facilities, the source said.
    “Preparatory works are under way but the plan has to get a nod from the headquarters in Beijing,” he added.
    China experienced widespread diesel shortages late last year because refiners, especially independent plants, were reluctant to supply a market with fixed prices on oil products at a time when crude costs were soaring.
    The supply squeeze started to ease after state-controlled Sinopec and PetroChina beefed up production and imports following a 10 percent fuel price hike and government pressure to produce.

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    Charles Randall

    Here is update on Sinopec’s Jinling refinery turnaround plans which include work on coker(‘s? – I show current 3 coking units at this site – 1 anode & 2 fuel (4.5%S) coking units for total ~800 kmtpy) . 
    I also have Jinling down for an expansion to 4th coker with +400 kmtpy on this coker site by 2010 – let me know if anyone has better update.
    My figures have China with about 36% increase in coking since 2000 with total of ~ 39 refineries have coking sites and making ~ 32,000 tpd petcoke. There are nearly 17 new additions/expansions like Jinling planned from 2007- 2011 and will add another 60% production ~+7 million tpy putting it ~ equal to Texas current (not after new additions Pt Arthur, Borger, Corpus ect) coking capacity. <FYI – beware Current OGJ 2007 WW survey shows only 8 coking sites on 52 refineries & 4,000 tpd coke capacity ……historically always been way too low >
    Also take close read about China shutting down diesel exports & put cap on price to bail out domestic demand picture gas fuel rationing / stop inflation & industries from going critical. The independents didn’t have the governments deep pockets to buy $50-100/Bbl crude & sell $0.84/liter gasoline or $ 0.71/liter diesel domestically at a capped price. I am going post a general statement on these lines to capture all crap that this gets into. 

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