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Sinopec increase Crude & Refinery (& Coker?) capacity in Xinjiang’s Tahe Refinery ……Again

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    basil parmesan

    Sinopec to increase oil capacity in Xinjiang’s Tahe Refinery
    Feb 14, 2012

    (MEAFN/Reuters) – China’s Sinopec said that by 2015, the firm would spend USD $8.4 billion to increase refinery capacity and expand oil & gas output in northwestern Xinjiang region, reported Reuters.

    The company added that Tahe’s annual refining capacity would be raised to 10 million tons by 2015, almost double.

    The top Asian refiner also said that oil output in Xinjiang would be boosted between 9 and 11 million tons from 7.25 million tons in 2011, whereas natural gas output would be increased to 1.8-3.0 billion cubic meters (bcm) from 1.59 bcm a year ago in order to match the expansion at the Tahe refinery.

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    Charles Randall

    Sinopec update on continued Tahe Refinery (& coker) expansion. This says that company will spend $8.4B to increase Refinery capacity to 10 MM mtpy/300 MBD (doesn’t mention the additional coking unit it will add) and also increase Xinjiang regional crude production by ~10MM mtpy/200MBD from 2011’s 7.25 MM mtpy/to total 17.25 MM mtpy/350MBD. Article also mentions increase regional domestic natural gas production levels along with crude production

    Tahe completed a +3.5 mm mtpy/ 70-100MBD Crude unit & 44MBD 2nd Coking unit addition/expansion in Sept 2010 to bring Tahe Refinery capacity to 5 MM mtpy/180 MBD and coker charge of 3.4 MM mtpy/68MBD. The 2010 completed expansion in addition to new Crude & Vacuum unit also added 70 kmtpy Naphtha Isom, 150 kmtpy GOHDS unit, SRU and Nat Gas Hydrogen Unit. Tahe was also one 3 refineries that Foster Wheeler added a 80MW / Steam CFB unit back in 2008.

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