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Single Deck Operation Philosophy

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    Desh 562001

    Can the experts please inform about the ‘Single Deck Operation Philosophy’ for the DCU; I’ve heard that this is the preferred option; how does this compare with “two deck” or “double deck” philosophy?….Thanks in advance  

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    We used to have “double deck” DCU but we now have 4 single screens with two 52″ plasma screens against the wall.  Works great!!

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    great if you have enough space….most cokers i have worked  are double decks…insfact  some older ones having three decks as well
    You don’t have to move about much

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    single deck is best in all aspects, but cost; it’s similar paying for one vs two story building.

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    Lucibar Davalillo

    The new coker design i’m working on would be out of single deck.

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    At least in the the last three  units where I have worked or interacted in engineerings are single deck

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    mike hudson

    It is the only way to go.

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    the only points to consider in the design of these platforms are:
    the location of the maintenance cranes, the interference for the removal of the valves, and the slopes of the lines from this platform to the other vessel in particular those that go to the Blowdown system (no pockets)

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