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Sinclair Wyoming Coker online 2008 – help details

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    Charles Randall

    I saw recent comments around Sinclair Wyoming coker startup & at first thought writers had it confused with either the Sinclair Tulsa coker (FW 30 MBD Coker 2009) or the Frontier Wyoming coker (Expan 15MBD Coker & replace drums 2007)projects. But they did not have it confused. 
    But doing little digging (see links below) it appears the Sinclair Rawlings/Sinclair Wyoming 66 MBD Refinery has purchased an idle 20MBD coker and moved it to the Rawlings Refinery, Sinclair had Grimm Engineering do some work on a Drum Quench system & Sinclair hired Invensys Process Systems to train operators on OTS for coker startup, shutdowns & emergency situations.
     Does anyone else have any specific information/details on this Coker project you can share with me?  I am an independent Coke & Carbon Consultant & often post news items on refinery, upgrader & coker expansions on the website for operation types.
    I also have rumor that the coker that was moved to Rawlings came from the old Powerine refinery that was idled. If that is so – the coker was Flour/CBI 2 drum unit that was only 23′ Diam. X 58′ TL, and it was rated at 10 MBD not the 20 MBD that some articles claim, and not sure this coke unit could do 20 MBD.
    Table US Refinery Expansion Plans July 2007 Reuters
    Sinclair, WY    20,000 bpd   CDU   late-06   
                        20,000 bpd   DCU   late-06  coker purchased from idle refinery

    Plant operators will be able to train on all aspects of plant operations and controls as well as startup, shutdown and emergency situation management of refinery’s newly constructed delayed coker unit in a virtual environment, allowing them to risk mistakes that would be deadly in real life in a safe environment.
    Sinclair Oil Corp., Salt Lake City, Utah, selected the SimSci-Esscor operating training simulator (OTS) from Invensys Process Systems to be implemented at the Sinclair refinery near Rawlins, Wyoming.

    Coker Quench System Evaluation for Sinclair Wyoming Refining Company



    Main Contractor:     

    Grimm Engineering



    Project Scope:           

    Design study of the drum quench system for a delayed coker in the Sinclair Refinery.  Prepared process simulations for various quench phases, rated equipment, prepared Process Flow Diagrams and equipment data sheets.


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    Charles Randall

    Update – All the previous info was confirmed. Sinclair is ready to startup the coking unit.  The coke unit did come from idled Powerine Refinery in California (in one piece) where it was a 10-11 MBD coker. Grimm did the Engineering & Invensys Process did training for unit.
    The Wyoming coker startup was at first scheduled for 4Q2007 startup but was rescheduled for 1Q2008, and is ready for commissioning and currently process of checking the loops on the unit. 
    <Argus Petcoke Report also mentioned general details on both Sinclair cokers in August 2007 & February 2008 issues, and Jacobs PCQ put out news alert in February I believe. >

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