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Sept 2008 – North America Refinery S/D, Maint. & Expansion Update

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    Charles Randall

    <Note with Hurricane Ike likely hit USGC, will be additions to S/D as in case Gustav – CR>
    North American Planned, Unplanned Refinery Shutdowns (Table)

    By Robert Tuttle
         September 8, 2008 (Bloomberg)
    — Following is a table of scheduled and unplanned
    refinery shutdowns, maintenance, new plants and capacity expansions in North
    America. The list only includes work that could be confirmed.  
         Shutdown Type: P: Planned, U: Unplanned, N: Non-maintenance

    Refinery                                     Refinery                          
    Owner                  Shutdown              Capacity                          
    Location                 Type    Period        b/d     Notes                   
    New Information:

    BP Texas City              P    Sep 08, 09   470,000  FCCU No. 3 shuts for    
    BP PLC                                  to                  turnaround.             
    Texas, U.S.                         Oct 01, 09                                    

    Conoco Bayway Linden       U  Sep 07, 08   238,000  Isomerization unit shut 
    ConocoPhillips                          to                  by fire. Extent of damage
    New Jersey, U.S.                  Sep, 08               not reported.           

    Murphy Meraux              N     Aug 29, 08   125,000  Full shutdown for       
    Murphy Oil Corp                       to                  Hurricane Gustav. Restart
    Louisiana, U.S.                     Sep 05, 09            confirmed.              

    Conoco Bayway Linden       U   Aug 16, 08   238,000  Un-named unit shut,     
    ConocoPhillips                          to                  causing flaring.        
    New Jersey, U.S.                    Aug, 08                                       

    BP Texas City              P       Jul 29, 08   470,000  FCC Electrostatic       
    BP PLC                                   to                  Precipitator Stack trips
    Texas, U.S.                           Aug, 08               and rates reduced.      

    Current Outages:

    Conoco Bayway Linden       U   Sep 07, 08   238,000  Isomerization unit shut 
    ConocoPhillips                           to                  by fire. Extent of damage
    New Jersey, U.S.                    Sep, 08               not reported.           

    PEMEX Hidalgo Tula         P     Sep, 08      273,000  FCC shuts for planned   
    Petroleos Mexicanos                   to                  maintenance of up to 90 
    Mexico                                   Dec, 08               days.                   

    Conoco Wood River          P     Qtr 3, 08    306,000  Catalytic cracker       
    EnCana Corp,                             to                 maintenance to install  
    ConocoPhillips                          Qtr 4, 08          wet-gas scrubbers to    
    Illinois, U.S.                                                  reduce emissions.       

    PEMEX Cardenas             P     Sep, 08      190,000  Gasoline, diesel units  
    Minatitlan                                 to                  shut for planned        
    Petroleos Mexicanos                 Sep, 08               maintenance.            

    Flint Hills Corpus            P     Qtr 3, 08    300,000  Will add diesel         
    Christi                                     to               desulfurization unit and 
    Koch Industries Inc                 Qtr 1, 10      sulfur recovery plant. Construction 
    Texas, U.S.                                          will start this fall and expected to
                                                             complete early 2010.    

    Petro-Canada Edmonton      P     Qtr 3, 08    135,000  Full shutdown of 135,000
    Petro-Canada                                to                  bbl/day refinery during 
    Alberta, Canada                          Qtr 4, 08      the second half 2008 to allow new units to be   
                                                           added to the plant as part of an upgrade.     

    Chevron Pascagoula             Sep 01, 08   330,000  Runs cut in connection  
    Chevron Corp                             to                  with Hurricane Gustav.  
    Mississippi, U.S.                         Sep, 08                                       

    Exxon Mobil Baton              Aug 31, 08   488,600  Full shutdown for       
    Rouge                                       to                  Hurricane Gustav.       
    Exxon Mobil Corp                       Sep, 08                                       
    Louisiana, U.S.                                                                

    Murphy Meraux                  N    Aug 29, 08   125,000  Full shutdown for       
    Murphy Oil Corp                          to                  Hurricane Gustav. Restart
    Louisiana, U.S.                        Sep 05, 09            confirmed.              

    Exxon Mobil Beaumont     N     Aug 29, 08   365,000  Runs cut for Hurricane  
    Exxon Mobil Corp                         to                  Gustav.                 
    Texas, U.S.                             Sep, 08                                       

    Exxon Mobil Baytown       N     Aug 29, 08   563,000  Runs cut for Hurricane  
    Exxon Mobil Corp                         to                  Gustav.                 
    Texas, U.S.                             Sep, 08                                       

    Motiva Port Arthur                Aug 29, 08   285,000  Runs cut to minimum rates
    Motiva Enterprises LLC                 to                  for Hurricane Gustav.    
    Texas, U.S.                              Sep, 08                                                                                                           

    Valero Houston                  N     Aug 29, 08    90,000  Runs cut because of     
    Valero Energy Corp                      to                  Hurricane Gustav.       
    Texas, U.S.                             Sep, 08                                       

    Chalmette LA                  N     Aug 29, 08   184,000  Full shutdown for       
    Petroleos de                               to                  Hurricane Gustav.       
    Venezuela SA, Exxon                 Sep, 08                                       
    Mobil Corp                                                                     
    Louisiana, U.S.                                                                

    Valero Norco St                   Aug 29, 08   190,000  Full shutdown for       
    Charles                                     to                  Hurricane Gustav.       
    Valero Energy Corp                   Sep, 08                                       
    Louisiana, U.S.                                                                

    Marathon Garyville          N    Aug 29, 08   275,000  Full shutdown for       
    Marathon Oil Corp,                     to                  hurricane Gustav.       
    Ashland Inc                             Sep, 08                                       
    Louisiana, U.S.                                                                

    ConocoPhillips                  N    Aug 29, 08   247,000  Full shutdown for       
    Alliance                                     to                  Hurricane Gustav.       
    ConocoPhillips                          Sep, 08                                       
    Louisiana, U.S.                                                                

    Conoco Lake Charles         N     Aug 29, 08   252,000  Full shutdown for       
    ConocoPhillips                              to                  Hurricane Gustav.       
    Louisiana, U.S.                          Sep, 08                                       

    Motiva Norco                        Aug 29, 08   220,000  Full shutdown for       
    Saudi Arabian Oil Co,                      to                  Hurricane Gustav.       
    Royal Dutch Shell PLC                 Sep, 08                                       
    Louisiana, U.S.                                                                

    Motiva Convent                      Aug 29, 08   235,000  Full shutdown in        
    Motiva Enterprises                          to                  preparation for Hurricane
    LLC                                         Sep, 08               Gustav.                 
    Louisiana, U.S.                                                                

    Valero Krotz Springs            N     Aug 29, 08    83,100  Full shutdown for       
    Alon USA Energy Inc                      to                  Hurricane Gustav.       
    Louisiana, U.S.                          Sep, 08                                       

    Valero Port Arthur           N     Aug 29, 08   325,000  Runs cut for Hurricane  
    Valero Energy Corp                       to                  Gustav.                 
    Texas, U.S.                              Sep, 08                                       

    Total Port Arthur             P     Aug 29, 08   240,000  Full shutdown for       
    Total SA                                     to                  Hurricane Gustav.       
    Texas, U.S.                            Sep, 08                                       

    Valero Texas City            N     Aug 29, 08   230,000  Runs cut for Hurricane  
    Valero Energy Corp                       to                  Gustav.                 
    Texas, U.S.                             Sep, 08                                       

    PEMEX Cardenas             P     Aug 16, 08   190,000  Diesel sulfur recovery  
    Minatitlan                                   to                  units shut for          
    Petroleos Mexicanos                 Oct 01, 08            maintenance.            

    Sunoco Toledo                  P     Qtr 3, 08    150,000  CDU, FCC units to shut in
    Sunoco Inc                               to                  third quarter           
    Ohio, U.S.                              Qtr 3, 08             maintenance.            

    Petro-Canada Edmonton   P     Aug 05, 08   135,000  Turnaround for 60 days  
    Petro-Canada                          to                  began Aug. 3. Run rates 
    Alberta, Canada                     Oct 05, 08            reduced.                

    Exxon Mobil Joliet             P     Aug, 08      240,000  SRU shuts for           
    Exxon Mobil Corp                       to                  maintenance.            
    Illinois, U.S.                           Oct, 08                                       

    Placid Port Allen                 P     Aug, 08       57,000  Turnaround scheduled for
    Placid Refining Co LLC                  to                  30 days during           
    Louisiana, U.S.                         Sep, 08               August-September.                                                                       

    Holly Woods Cross              P     Aug, 08       26,000  Turnaround planned.     
    Holly Corp                                  to                                          
    Utah, U.S.                               Sep, 08                                       

    ConocoPhillips                 P     Jul 28, 08   247,000  FCC shut because of leak
    Alliance                                      to                                          
    ConocoPhillips                           N/A                                           
    Louisiana, U.S.                                                                

    LyondellBasell                    P     Jul, 08      287,000  CDU, coker shut for     
    Houston                                      to                  maintenance. Crane      
    Access Industries                    Sep, 08               collapse during repairs 
    Holdings LLC                                           kills 4 and delays work. Rest of
    Texas, U.S.                                            refinery operated normally during 
                                                               the event.                      

    Somerset KY                    N     Apr 01, 07     5,500  As per the Company’s Rep.
    Somerset Oil Inc                         to                  The facility has been shutdown  
    Kentucky, U.S.                          N/A                due to Bankrupcty procedure.   
                                                           They did not sell the refinery to USA Energy  
                                                           Corp as being reported by EIA.                    

    Future Outages:

    Murphy Meraux              P     Sep 15, 08   125,000  Turnaround for          
    Murphy Oil Corp                       to                  unidentified unit as of 
    Louisiana, U.S.                      Oct, 08               mid-September.          

    Husky Lima                  P     Oct, 08      160,000  Isocracker to be shut for
    Husky Energy Inc                     to                  repair. Refinery        
    Ohio, U.S.                             Oct, 08               Production not affected.

    Paramount                     P     Qtr 4, 08     55,000  Hydrocracker startup to 
    Alon USA Energy Inc                to                  increase gasoline, diesel
    California, U.S.                      Qtr 4, 08             output by 50 percent.   

    Valero Delaware City     P     Qtr 4, 08    190,200  CDU, capacity 180,000   
    Valero Energy Corp                  to                  b/d, shuts for          
    Delaware, U.S.                      Qtr 4, 08             maintenance.            

    Farmland Coffeyville      P    Qtr 4, 08    115,000  Turnaround for          
    CVR Energy Inc                        to                  maintenance on nitrogen 
    Kansas, U.S.                         Qtr 4, 08             fertilizer. Event happens
                                                                 every two years.        

    Holly Woods Cross            P    Qtr 4, 08     26,000  Hydrocracker, capacity  
    Holly Corp                               to                 15,000 barrels a day, planned  
    Utah, U.S.                            Qtr 4, 08             to start production. Crude       
                                                           refining capacity to rise to 31,000 barrels a day.

    Motiva Norco                     P     Oct 03, 08   220,000  FCC, capacity 110,000   
    Saudi Arabian Oil Co,                 to                  barrel-a-day, shuts for 
    Royal Dutch Shell PLC              Nov 10, 08            maintenance.            
    Louisiana, U.S.                                                                

    Conoco Wood River        P     Qtr 1, 09    306,000  New Coker, 65,000 b/d   
    EnCana Corp,                            to                  capacity, scheduled to  
    ConocoPhillips                        Qtr 4, 09             come on stream in 2009. 
    Illinois, U.S.                                                                 

    Western Refining             P     Qtr 1, 09    122,000  Maintenance planned     
    El Paso                                   to                                          
    Western Refining Inc               Qtr 1, 09                                     
    Texas, U.S.                                                                    

    Navajo Artesia                P     Jan, 09       75,000  New hydrocracker,       
    Holly Corp                               to                  capacity 15,000 barrels a day,
    New Mexico, U.S.                  Jan, 09        expected to start production.  
                                                           Turnaround planned.  

    Valero Krotz Springs        P     Qtr 1, 09     83,100  Full turnaround planned 
    Alon USA Energy Inc                to                  for 2009.               
    Louisiana, U.S.                      Qtr 4, 09                                     

    Conoco Borger               P   Qtr 1, 09    146,000  New capacity,           
    ConocoPhillips,                         to                  debottlenecking to add  
    EnCana Corp                        Qtr 4, 09         20,000 b/d bitumen capacity      
    Texas, U.S.                                                        

    Sunoco Philadelphia        P     Qtr 1, 09    330,000  New Hydrocracker        
    Sunoco Inc                         to                  conversion project to   
    Pennsylvania, U.S.               Qtr 4, 09             start operations in 2009,
                                                           upgrading 45,000 b/d of product into ultra-low  
                                                           sulfur diesel.          

    Valero Benicia             P     Qtr 1, 09    153,000  Full shutdown scheduled 
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  for 2009 in five-year   
    California, U.S.                     Qtr 4, 09             cycle of maintenance.   

    PEMEX Cardenas          P     Feb 02, 09   190,000  New units to expand     
    Minatitlan                             to                  capacity to 260,000 b/d 
    Petroleos Mexicanos              Feb 28, 09         scheduled to start in   
    Mexico                                                       February 2009.          

    Western Refining          P     Qtr 3, 09     61,900  Turnaround scheduled for
    Yorktown                                to                  third quarter 2009, no more 
    Western Refining Inc               Qtr 3, 09        specific details available. 
    Virginia, U.S.                                                    

    Valero Norco St            P     Qtr 3, 09    190,000  New CDU expansion to add
    Charles                                  to                  45,000 b/d crude capacity,       
    Valero Energy Corp                Qtr 3, 09        10,000 b/d coking to start in   
    Louisiana, U.S.                                        third quarter 2009.           

    BP Texas City              P     Sep 08, 09   470,000  FCCU No. 3 shuts for    
    BP PLC                                  to                  turnaround.             
    Texas, U.S.                         Oct 01, 09                                    

    Marathon Garyville       P    Qtr 4, 09    275,000  New CDU, VDU,           
    Marathon Oil Corp,                  to               hydrocracker (capacity  
    Ashland Inc                         Qtr 4, 09        70,000 b/d), delayed coker (44,000 b/d),   
    Louisiana, U.S.                                         reformer (65,000 b/d), kerosene   
                                                                hydrotreater (47,000 b/d) planned to                                                       
                                                           come on line, raising refinery throughput to
                                                                         425,000 barrels per day.    

    Chevron Richmond        P     Qtr 1, 10    257,200  New Hydrogen plant,     
    Chevron Corp                          to                  reforming units to improve     
    California, U.S.                      Qtr 4, 10           crude feedstock flexibility  
                                                           scheduled to start in 2010. No change 
                                                           to refinery capacity.  

    Valero Benicia              P     Qtr 1, 10    153,000  New units to expand CDU 
    Valero Energy Corp                    to                capacity 25% to daily runs of  
    California, U.S.                     Qtr 4, 10             180,000 b/d, coker by 25%,    
                                                              SRU by 50% to handle heavier crudes, 
                                                           reduce gasoil imports and expand gasoline output.

    Farmland Coffeyville     P     Qtr 1, 10    115,000  Full turnaround scheduled
    CVR Energy Inc                        to                  for 2010, in cycle of every three  
    Kansas, U.S.                         Qtr 4, 10            to four years. Last event was     
                                                                      Feb-April 2007.         

    Placid Port Allen             P     Qtr 1, 10     57,000  New FCC, units to expand
    Placid Refining Co                    to                  capacity to 80,000      
    LLC                                    Qtr 4, 10             barrels a day scheduled 
    Louisiana, U.S.                                        to be completed in 2010.

    Pasadena                   P     Qtr 1, 10    106,500  New units to double     
    Nationale A                           to                  capacity to 200,000     
    Portefeuille                         Qtr 4, 10             barrels a day planned to
    Texas, U.S.                                            start in 2010.          

    Motiva Port Arthur         P   Qtr 1, 10    285,000  New units to add 325,000
    Motiva Enterprises LLC             to                  b/d crude capacity, to   
    Texas, U.S.                         Qtr 4, 10             start in 2010.                                                                              

    Chevron Pascagoula      P   Qtr 2, 10    330,000  New Platformer/CCR unit 
    Chevron Corp                       to                  to start output in mid-2010,     
    Mississippi, U.S.                   Qtr 3, 10         to increase gasoline output 10%, or 
                                                                600,000 gallons a day.  

    Valero Norco                    P     Qtr 4, 10    190,000  New Hydrocracker planned
    St. Charles                            to                  to enter service in     
    Valero Energy Corp                Qtr 4, 10             fourth quarter 2010.    
    Louisiana, U.S.                                                                

    Sinclair Tulsa                P     Qtr 4, 10     60,000  New CDU, hydrocracker,  
    Sinclair Oil Corp                       to               coker units planned to start 
    Oklahoma, U.S.                     Qtr 4, 10         operations. Capacity to increase        
                                                                              to 115,000 barrels a day.

    Marathon Detroit          P     Qtr 4, 10    100,000  New Coker, capacity     
    Marathon Oil Corp,                    to                 28,000 b/d, scheduled to
    Ashland Inc                         Qtr 4, 10          enter service, along with
    Michigan, U.S.                                         sulfur recovery unit (280 long tons/day),         
                                                           distillate hydrotreater (33,000 b/d) and 
                                                           hydrogen plant. Nameplate capacity
                                                           of refinery to increase to 115,000 b/d.         

    Valero Port Arthur          P     Qtr 4, 10    325,000  New Hydrocracker        
    Valero Energy Corp                  to                  construction to be completed,     
    Texas, U.S.                         Qtr 4, 10            capacity 50,000 barrels a day, to
                                                           start in 4Q 2010.       

    Total Port Arthur            P     Qtr 1, 11    240,000  New Coker (50,000 b/d), 
    Total SA                              to                  desulfurization and vacuum distillation    
    Texas, U.S.                         Qtr 4, 11           unit. The $2.2 billion project is scheduled 
                                                                  to be completed in 2011.      

    Valero Port Arthur       P     Qtr 2, 11    325,000  New Coker construction to
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  be completed, capacity 45,000 b/d, 
    Texas, U.S.                        Qtr 2, 11          during 2Q of 2011.  Refinery throughput to    
                                                           rise to 415,000 b/d
    in conjunction with related

    BP Whiting                  P    Qtr 4, 11    420,000  New Coker, capacity     
    BP PLC                                  to                  120,000 b/d, along with 
    Indiana, U.S.                      Qtr 4, 11            related units to process
                                                           Canadian heavy oil scheduled
    to begin      
                                                           service in late 2011.   

    Consumers’ Co-op       P     Jan, 12      100,000  New CDU expansion to add
    Regina                                  to              30,000 b/d capacity to a
    Federated                           Dec, 12               total 130,000 b/d, also 
    Co-operative Ltd                                       add FCC complex, planned
    Saskatchewan, Canada                              to start operations in 2012.                   

    Valero Quebec City         P     Qtr 1, 12    215,000  New Hydrocracker,       
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  de-asphalting units     
    Quebec, Canada                   Qtr 4, 12             planned for 2012 startup.

    Conoco Borger              P     Qtr 1, 12    146,000  New units to expand crude
    ConocoPhillips,                    to                  distillation to 200,000 b/d,
    EnCana Corp                      Qtr 4, 12         with 75,000 b/d bitumen capacity.  
    Texas, U.S.                                                 

    Historical Outages:

    Citgo Corpus Christi       N     Aug 22, 08   156,000  FCC shuts due to power  
    Petroleos de                           to                  failure. Restart        
    Venezuela SA                        Aug 25, 08            confirmed.              
    Texas, U.S.                                                                    

    Valero Delaware City      U     Aug 20, 08   190,200  FCC output cut by       
    Valero Energy Corp                    to                  repairs.                
    Delaware, U.S.                       Aug 25, 08                                    

    North Pole                           Aug, 08      220,000  Runs cut for unspecified
    Koch Industries Inc                    to                  repairs, gasoline       
    Alaska, U.S.                           Aug, 08               production reduced.     

    Frontier El Dorado            P   Aug, 08      112,000  Coker installation      
    Frontier Oil Corp                         to                  begins.                 
    Kansas, U.S.                          Aug, 08                                       

    Conoco Bayway Linden       U    Aug 16, 08   238,000  Un-named unit shut,     
    ConocoPhillips                            to                  causing flaring.        
    New Jersey, U.S.                     Aug, 08                                       

    Shell Canada Sarnia            Aug 15, 08    71,820  Partial shutdown after  
    Royal Dutch Shell PLC                 to                  unit fails. Shell wouldnn’t      
    Ontario, Canada                      Aug, 08              identify the unit and said customer  
                                                           needs are being met during the outage.      

    Conoco Wood River         U    Aug, 08      306,000  FCC shuts for           
    EnCana Corp,                              to                  maintenance.            
    ConocoPhillips                        Aug, 08                                       
    Illinois, U.S.                                                                 

    Alon Big Spring                 P     Aug 13, 08    70,000  Repairs to cat crack will
    Alon Israel Oil Co                        to               be complete Aug. 13 and oil
    Ltd                                      Aug 26, 08       will be put in Aug. 26. Repairs to  
    Texas, U.S.                                            the alky unit will be complete   
                                                           Sept. 3 and oil will be put in Sept. 9.         

    Valero Corpus Christi         Aug 13, 08   110,000  CDU shuts for unplanned 
    East                                        to                  maintenance. Restart    
    Valero Energy Corp                 Aug 21, 08            confirmed.              
    Texas, U.S.                                                                    

    Conoco Borger               P     Aug 12, 08   146,000  Repairs to fccu’s       
    ConocoPhillips,                           to                  electrostatic           
    EnCana Corp                          Aug 21, 08            precipitator.           
    Texas, U.S.                                                                    

    Holly Woods Cross           P     Aug 11, 08    26,000  Turnaround for 26 days  
    Holly Corp                                 to                 starts in week of Aug. 11
    Utah, U.S.                             Sep 05, 08         at Woods Cross, Utah  refinery.               

    Chevron El Segundo       P     Aug 11, 08   260,000  Turnaround shuts        
    Chevron Corp                              to                  unidentified unit.      
    California, U.S.                       Aug, 08                                       

    Citgo Corpus Christi       U     Aug 11, 08   156,000  CDU, vacuum unit shuts  
    Petroleos de                              to                  for repairs.            
    Venezuela SA                         Aug 16, 08                                    
    Texas, U.S.                                                                    

    Exxon Mobil Baytown     U     Aug 11, 08   563,000  Hydrocracker shuts for  
    Exxon Mobil Corp                        to                  repair. Restart         
    Texas, U.S.                           Aug 12, 08            confirmed.              

    Marathon Catlettsburg        Aug 10, 08   239,000  Runs cut after leak shuts
    Marathon Oil Corp,                     to                  crude oil supply pipeline.       
    Ashland Inc                            Aug 13, 08         Restart confirmed.       
    Kentucky, U.S.                                                       

    Total Port Arthur             P     Aug 06, 08   240,000  Two package boilers shut
    Total SA                                     to                                          
    Texas, U.S.                            Aug 24, 08                                    

    Citgo Corpus Christi         U    Aug 06, 08   156,000  Crude vacuum unit       
    Petroleos de                                to                                          
    Venezuela SA                         Aug 07, 08                                    
    Texas, U.S.                                                                    

    Marathon Texas City          N   Aug 04, 08    72,000  Full shutdown because of
    Marathon Oil Corp,                     to                  storm. Restart confirmed.
    Ashland Inc                           Aug 06, 08                                    
    Texas, U.S.                                                                    

    Valero Port Arthur           N    Aug 04, 08   325,000  Rates reduced because of
    Valero Energy Corp                    to                  storm                   
    Texas, U.S.                            Aug 05, 08                                    

    Valero Texas City            P    Aug 04, 08   230,000  Rates reduced because of
    Valero Energy Corp                      to                  storm                   
    Texas, U.S.                            Aug 05, 08                                    

    Valero Houston                 N     Aug 04, 08    90,000  Rates reduced because of
    Valero Energy Corp                     to                  storm.                  
    Texas, U.S.                            Aug 05, 08                                    

    Exxon Mobil Torrance      P     Aug, 08      155,000  Hydrodesulfurization unit
    Exxon Mobil Corp                        to                  shuts for repairs.      
    California, U.S.                        Aug 31, 08                                    

    Petro-Canada Edmonton  U    Aug 03, 08   135,000  FCC shuts because of    
    Petro-Canada                             to                  fault, leading to regional gasoline     
    Alberta, Canada                       Aug 27, 08         shortages. Restart confirmed.              

    BP Texas City              P     Jul 29, 08   470,000  FCC Electrostatic       
    BP PLC                                   to                  Precipitator Stack trips
    Texas, U.S.                         Aug, 08               and rates reduced.      

    Irving Saint John               Jul 29, 08   250,000  Runs cut after power    
    Irving Oil Corp                          to                  loss.                   
    Newfoundland and                 Aug, 08                                       
    Labrador, Canada                                                               

    Valero Port Arthur        P     Jul 23, 08   325,000  Runs cut 10%-20% by     
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  Hurricane Dolly.        
    Texas, U.S.                         Jul, 08                                       

    Valero Houston              N     Jul 23, 08    90,000  Runs cut 10%-20% by     
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  Hurricane Dolly.        
    Texas, U.S.                         Jul, 08                                       

    BP Texas City               U     Jul 22, 08   470,000  FCC No. 1 runs cut      
    BP PLC                                 to                  because of fault.       
    Texas, U.S.                         Jul, 08                                       

    Valero Aruba                U     Jul 19, 08   275,000  Runs cut by 5,000 barrels
    Valero Energy Corp                   to                  a day for minor maintenance.        
    Aruba                                  Jul, 08            Operations return to normal. 

    Shell Deer Park             N     Jul 17, 08   340,000  FCC rates reduced after 
    Royal Dutch Shell                     to                  power disruption. Restart
    PLC, Petroleos                      Jul 19, 08            confirmed.              
    Texas, U.S.                                                                    

    BP Toledo                   P     Jul 15, 08   155,000  Hydrocracker, reformer  
    BP PLC                                  to                  shut for maintenance.   
    Ohio, U.S.                           Sep 04, 08                                    

    Murphy Superior            P     Jul, 08       35,000  Runs cut 25% on weak    
    Murphy Oil Corp                    to                  margins.                
    Wisconsin, U.S.                   Aug, 08                                       

    Murphy Meraux              P    Jul, 08      125,000  Runs cut 10% on weak    
    Murphy Oil Corp                    to                  margins.                
    Louisiana, U.S.                    Aug, 08                                       

    Citgo Corpus Christi      P     Jul 15, 08   156,000  FCC shuts for           
    Petroleos de                          to                  maintenance. Unit       
    Venezuela SA                       Jul 17, 08            restarts July 16.       
    Texas, U.S.                                                                    

    PEMEX Hidalgo Tula      N    Jul 15, 08   273,000  Power cut shuts several 
    Petroleos Mexicanos                   to                  units. Restart confirmed.
    Mexico                               Jul 17, 08                                    

    Conoco Borger             P    Jul 13, 08   146,000  Repairs scheduled on the
    ConocoPhillips,                        to                  electrostatic           
    EnCana Corp                       Jul 22, 08            precipitators of unit 29,
    Texas, U.S.                                            a fluid catalytic cracker.       

    Total Port Arthur          P     Jul 09, 08   240,000  Hydrotreater and eight  
    Total SA                               to                  other units shut. Units 
    Texas, U.S.                         Jul 27, 08            restarting July 27 to July 31.                 

    Petro-Canada Edmonton U     Jul 09, 08   135,000  Full shutdown after     
    Petro-Canada                           to                  boiler failure. Restart 
    Alberta, Canada                       Jul 16, 08            confirmed.              

    Valero Ardmore                  Jul 08, 08    85,000  FCCU shut after power   
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  disruption, restart     
    Oklahoma, U.S.                    Jul 11, 08            confirmed.              

    Tesoro Martinez           U     Jul 08, 08   166,000  Gasoil hydrotreater shuts
    Tesoro Corp                           to                  because of leaking valve.
    California, U.S.                     Jul 09, 08            Restart confirmed.      

    US Oil Tacoma               N    Jul 07, 08    35,000  Runs cut 50% after power
    Nationale A                            to                  failure.                
    Portefeuille                          Jul, 08                                       
    Washington, U.S.                                                               

    Lion Oil El Dorado           N     Jul, 08       58,000  Asphalt production cut by
    Ergon Inc                              to                  50 percent after unit 9 
    Arkansas, U.S.                     Sep, 08               shut.                   

    BP Texas City              U     Jul 01, 08   470,000  Residual hydrotreater   
    BP PLC                                  to                  restarts.               
    Texas, U.S.                          Jul 01, 08                                    

    Total Port Arthur          P     Jun 25, 08   240,000  CDU No. 2 shuts for     
    Total SA                           to                  maintenance.            
    Texas, U.S.                      Jul, 08                                       

    Lake Charles               N     Jun 25, 08   320,000  Units shut by power cut 
    Petroleos de                       to                  June 25. Operations     
    Venezuela SA                     Jun, 08               restarted the same day. 
    Louisiana, U.S.                                                                

    Valero Corpus Christi      P     Jun 23, 08    38,000  Refinery cut production 
    West                               to                  rates at the fluid      
    Valero Energy Corp               Jun 23, 08            catalytic cracking unit 
    Texas, U.S.                                            at Corpus Christi plant 
                                                           after a steam leak caused
                                                           excess emissions. Output
                                                           was not reduced.        

    BP Texas City              U     Jun 22, 08   470,000  FCC No. 1 pump leaks.   
    BP PLC                             to                  Effect on output not    
    Texas, U.S.                      Jun, 08               disclosed.              

    Exxon Mobil Baytown        N     Jun 22, 08   563,000  Sulfur recovery unit    
    Exxon Mobil Corp                   to                  shuts. All customer needs
    Texas, U.S.                      Jun, 08               being met, Exxon said.  

    BP Carson                  N     Jun 21, 08   265,500  CDU shuts after power   
    BP PLC                             to                  outage. Unit was in     
    California, U.S.                 Jun 23, 08            restart June 23.        

    Conoco Ponca City          N     Jun 20, 08   187,000  FCC shuts after power   
    ConocoPhillips                     to                  cut. Restart confirmed. 
    Oklahoma, U.S.                   Jun 22, 08                                    

    Shell Deer Park            U     Jun 18, 08   340,000  FCC wet gas compressor  
    Royal Dutch Shell                  to                  trips.                  
    PLC, Petroleos                   Jun 19, 08                                    
    Texas, U.S.                                                                    

    Delek LaGloria             N     Jun 18, 08    58,000  CDU, alkylation shut by 
    Delek US Holdings Inc              to                  power failure. Units    
    Texas, U.S.                      Jun 19, 08            restarted.              

    Exxon Mobil Torrance       P     Jun 13, 08   155,000  Sulfur recovery unit    
    Exxon Mobil Corp                   to                  shuts for maintenance.  
    California, U.S.                 Jun 30, 08            Restart confirmed.      

    Pasadena                   P     Jun 11, 08   106,500  FCC unit upset. No      
    Nationale A                        to                  additional details      
    Portefeuille                     Jun, 08               available.              
    Texas, U.S.                                                                    

    Delek LaGloria             N     Jun 10, 08    58,000  Power failure shuts     
    Delek US Holdings Inc              to                  unspecified units.      
    Texas, U.S.                      Jun 11, 08            Operations restarted.   
                                                           Production loss not     

    LyondellBasell             N     Jun 10, 08   287,000  CDU shut during storm.  
    Houston                            to                  Restart confirmed.      
    Access Industries                Jun 11, 08                                    
    Holdings LLC                                                                   
    Texas, U.S.                                                                    

    Shell Deer Park            N     Jun 10, 08   340,000  FCC shuts in brief outage
    Royal Dutch Shell                  to                  after compressor fails. 
    PLC, Petroleos                   Jun 11, 08                                    
    Texas, U.S.                                                                    

    Valero Port Arthur         P     Jun 08, 08   325,000  distillate hydrotreater 
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  shuts for maintenance.  
    Texas, U.S.                      Jun 12, 08                                    

    Valero Wilmington          U     Jun 06, 08   135,000  FCC, alkylation shut by 
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  leak. Restart confirmed.
    California, U.S.                 Jun 09, 08                                    

    Conoco Borger              P     Jun 06, 08   146,000  FCC shut for repairs.   
    ConocoPhillips,                    to                                          
    EnCana Corp                      Jun 09, 08                                    
    Texas, U.S.                                                                    

    ConocoPhillips             U     Jun 03, 08   247,000  FCC shuts for repairs.  
    Alliance                           to                  Restart confirmed.      
    ConocoPhillips                   Jun 18, 08                                    
    Louisiana, U.S.                                                                

    Valero Delaware City       U     Jun 03, 08   190,200  Coker rates cut because 
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  of boiler fault. Restart
    Delaware, U.S.                   Jun 06, 08            confirmed.              

    Sunoco Marcus Hook         U     Jun, 08      175,000  FCC runs cut by         
    Sunoco Inc                         to                  operational upset. Full 
    Pennsylvania, U.S.               Jun 27, 08            rates scheduled for the 
                                                           end of June.            

    Motiva Port Arthur         N     Jun 02, 08   285,000  Full shutdown after power
    Motiva Enterprises                 to                  cut. Restart began June 
    LLC                              Jun 05, 08            5.                      
    Texas, U.S.                                                                    

    BP Texas City              P     May 31, 08   470,000  Hydrocracker            
    BP PLC                             to                  (ultracracker) shuts.   
    Texas, U.S.                      Jun 05, 08            Additional details not  

    Motiva Norco               P     May 30, 08   220,000  Hydrocracker shuts for  
    Saudi Arabian Oil Co,              to                  mainteance late May for a
    Royal Dutch Shell PLC            Jul 09, 08            month. Restart confirmed.
    Louisiana, U.S.                                                                

    Big West Oil               U     May 30, 08    68,000  Sulfur recovery unit    
    Bakersfield                        to                  shuts.                  
    Flying J Oil & Gas               May 30, 08                                    
    California, U.S.                                                               

    BP Carson                  P     May 29, 08   265,500  Coker shuts for         
    BP PLC                             to                  maintenance. Restart    
    California, U.S.                 Jun 20, 08            confirmed.              

    Flint Hills Corpus         N     May 27, 08   300,000  FCC, sulfur recovery    
    Christi                            to                  units shut after loss of
    Koch Industries Inc              Jun, 08               steam.                  
    Texas, U.S.                                                                    

    Valero Paulsboro           U     May 26, 08   195,000  FCC shuts because of a  
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  leak. Restart confirmed.
    New Jersey, U.S.                 Jun 01, 08                                    

    Conoco Sweeny              P     May 19, 08   216,000  Hydrotreater for        
    Petroleos de                       to                  distillates shuts for   
    Venezuela SA,                    May 31, 08            catalyst change.        
    Texas, U.S.                                                                    

    Chevron El Segundo         P     May 16, 08   260,000  CDU, 70,000 b/d capacity
    Chevron Corp                       to                  shuts for `several weeks’
    California, U.S.                 Jun 22, 08            of maintenance. Restart 

    Sunoco Philadelphia        U     May 16, 08   330,000  CDU, gulfiner units shut.
    Sunoco Inc                         to                  Restarts confirmed June 
    Pennsylvania, U.S.               Jun 04, 08            4.                      

    Valero Three Rivers        P     May 16, 08    95,000  FCC shuts for 10 days of
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  maintenance.            
    Texas, U.S.                      May 26, 08                                    

    Countrymark Mount          P     May, 08       23,500  Vacuum tower starts     
    Vernon                             to                  production mid-May,     
    Countrymark                      May, 08               raising capacity by 3,000
    Cooperative Inc                                        b/d. Fuel output to rise
    Indiana, U.S.                                          by 45 million gallons a 
                                                           year, mostly diesel.    

    Valero Wilmington          P     May 11, 08   135,000  Partial shutdown after  
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  power failure.          
    California, U.S.                 May 18, 08                                    

    Delek LaGloria             U     May 11, 08    58,000  FCC rates cut by boiler 
    Delek US Holdings Inc              to                  failure. Restart        
    Texas, U.S.                      May 16, 08            confirmed.              

    Shell Martinez             U     May 09, 08   165,000  Hydrocracker shuts for a
    Royal Dutch Shell PLC              to                  week.                   
    California, U.S.                 May 16, 08                                    

    Shell Canada Sarnia        U     May 08, 08    71,820  Runs cut as unit outage 
    Royal Dutch Shell PLC              to                  curbed gasoline         
    Ontario, Canada                  May 17, 08            production. More specific
                                                           details not available.  

    Hovensa St. Croix          N     May 08, 08   495,000  CDU shut for unscheduled
    Petroleos de                       to                  repairs.                
    Venezuela SA, Hess               May 16, 08                                    
    US Virgin Islands,                                                             

    Navajo Artesia             U     May 07, 08    75,000  FCC shut after          
    Holly Corp                         to                  malfunction. Restart    
    New Mexico, U.S.                 May 24, 08            confirmed.              

    Flint Hills Corpus         P     May 05, 08   300,000  Sulfur recovery unit No.
    Christi                            to                  2 shuts for maintenance.
    Koch Industries Inc              May 15, 08                                    
    Texas, U.S.                                                                    

    Valero Corpus Christi      P     May 02, 08    38,000  CDU, Vaccum units shut  
    West                               to                  for two weeks as of May 
    Valero Energy Corp               May 16, 08            2. Restart confirmed.   
    Texas, U.S.                                                                    

    Holly Woods Cross          N     May 01, 08    26,000  Alkylation unit shut    
    Holly Corp                         to                  after fire. Restart     
    Utah, U.S.                       May 08, 08            confirmed.              

    Total Port Arthur          P     Apr 30, 08   240,000  Sulfur recovery unit and
    Total SA                           to                  units 804, 823, 824 and 
    Texas, U.S.                      May, 08               825 shut.               

    BP Carson                  U     Apr 28, 08   265,500  Hydrodesulfurization unit
    BP PLC                             to                  breakdown. Restart      
    California, U.S.                 May 01, 08            confirmed.              

    BP Texas City              P     Apr 25, 08   470,000  FCC No. 1, alkylation,  
    BP PLC                             to                  coker units shut.       
    Texas, U.S.                      May 28, 08                                    

    Imperial Oil Sarnia        U     Apr 25, 08   121,000  Runs cut by boiler      
    Exxon Mobil Corp                   to                  failure and repair.     
    Ontario, Canada                  May, 08                                       

    Murphy Superior            P     Apr 23, 08    35,000  Full shutdown to last   
    Murphy Oil Corp                    to                  about a month.          
    Wisconsin, U.S.                  May 25, 08                                    

    Total Port Arthur          U     Apr 21, 08   240,000  Hydrotreater rates cut  
    Total SA                           to                  because of malfunction. 
    Texas, U.S.                      Apr, 08                                       

    Alon Big Spring            N     Apr 19, 08    70,000  Sulfur recovery unit No.
    Alon Israel Oil Co                 to                  2 shut down.            
    Ltd                              Apr, 08                                       
    Texas, U.S.                                                                    

    Flint Hills Corpus         U     Apr 18, 08   300,000  Sulfur recovery unit shut
    Christi                            to                  for unplanned           
    Koch Industries Inc              Apr, 08               maintenance.            
    Texas, U.S.                                                                    

    Valero Norco St            N     Apr, 08      190,000  FCC runs cut amid       
    Charles                            to                  slumping margins.       
    Valero Energy Corp               May, 08                                       
    Louisiana, U.S.                                                                

    BP Cherry Point            P     Apr 15, 08   232,000  Cokers, reformers shut  
    BP PLC                             to                  mid-April to mid-May in 
    Washington, U.S.                 May 19, 08            planned maintenance. Two
                                                           cokers and two reformers
                                                           involved. Only one unit 
                                                           will be down at a time. 
                                                           Reformer restart        

    Wynnewood OK               P     Apr, 08       70,000  Shutdown to expand      
    Gary-Williams Energy               to                  capacity to 70,000      
    Co                               May 15, 08            barrels a day. Restart  
    Oklahoma, U.S.                                         confirmed May 13.       

    Shell Deer Park            U     Apr 14, 08   340,000  Coker, sulfur recovery  
    Royal Dutch Shell                  to                  unit faults reduce      
    PLC, Petroleos                   May 07, 08            refinery runs. Normal   
    Mexicanos                                              operations estamated for
    Texas, U.S.                                            May 5.                  

    Conoco Rodeo               N     Apr 14, 08    76,000  Partial shutdown after  
    ConocoPhillips                     to                  unspecified malfunction.
    California, U.S.                 Apr, 08               Conoco said production  
                                                           not affected.           

    Cenex Laurel               P     Apr 14, 08    55,000  Coker unit enters into  
    CHS Inc                            to                  production.             
    Montana, U.S.                    Apr 15, 08                                    

    Exxon Mobil Torrance       P     Apr 12, 08   155,000  Alkylation unit shut for
    Exxon Mobil Corp                   to                  planned maintenance.    
    California, U.S.                 Apr 30, 08                                    

    Marathon Catlettsburg      N     Apr 11, 08   239,000  FCC shut after fire in  
    Marathon Oil Corp,                 to                  electrical substation.  
    Ashland Inc                      Apr 21, 08            Restart confirmed.      
    Kentucky, U.S.                                                                 

    BP Carson                  N     Apr 11, 08   265,500  Hydrocracker shut after 
    BP PLC                             to                  flash fire. Restart     
    California, U.S.                 Apr 14, 08            confirmed.              

    Total Port Arthur          P     Apr 10, 08   240,000  Catalyst change to      
    Total SA                           to                  unspecified unit. Partial
    Texas, U.S.                      Apr, 08               shutdown.               

    ConocoPhillips Los         P     Apr 09, 08   147,000  CDU, hydrocracker, coker
    Angeles                            to                  maintenance. Work to be 
    ConocoPhillips                   May 23, 08            completed in May,       
    California, U.S.                                       ConocoPhillips said.    

    Sunoco Marcus Hook         N     Apr 08, 08   175,000  Full shutdown after power
    Sunoco Inc                         to                  failure. Resart sequence
    Pennsylvania, U.S.               Apr 10, 08            confirmed.              

    Alon Big Spring            N     Apr 07, 08    70,000  CDU shut after fire in  
    Alon Israel Oil Co                 to                  tank farm. Restart      
    Ltd                              Apr 08, 08            confirmed.              
    Texas, U.S.                                                                    

    Exxon Mobil Torrance       N     Apr 04, 08   155,000  Hydrotreater fire shuts 
    Exxon Mobil Corp                   to                  units. Unit restarted   
    California, U.S.                 Apr 06, 08            April 6.                

    Valero Benicia             U     Apr 03, 08   153,000  Hydrocracker shut because
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  of leak. Restart        
    California, U.S.                 Apr 14, 08            confirmed.              

    Valero Houston             N     Apr 01, 08    90,000  Alkylation unit shut    
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  after substation fire.  
    Texas, U.S.                      Apr 02, 08                                    

    Valero Delaware City       P     Mar 29, 08   190,200  Coker shut for 37 days  
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  from late March to May  
    Delaware, U.S.                   May 27, 08            27. Restart confirmed.  

    Valero Wilmington          N     Mar 28, 08   135,000  FCC, alkylation shut    
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  after leak. Unit restart
    California, U.S.                 Apr 06, 08            confirmed.              

    Valero Port Arthur         N     Mar 27, 08   325,000  Coker, hydrocracker shut
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  after power failure.    
    Texas, U.S.                      Mar 31, 08            Units restarted March 31.

    Conoco Santa Maria         P     Mar 26, 08    44,000  Full shutdown because of
    ConocoPhillips                     to                  power failure. Conoco   
    California, U.S.                 Mar 28, 08            says refinery restarts  

    PEMEX Cardenas             P     Mar 24, 08   190,000  HDD-NPI gasoline unit   
    Minatitlan                         to                  shut for upgrade. Restart
    Petroleos Mexicanos              Apr 07, 08            scheduled for first week
    Mexico                                                 of April.               

    Paramount                  P     Mar 24, 08    55,000  CDUs shut for 24-hours  
    Alon USA Energy Inc                to                  planned maintenance to  
    California, U.S.                 Mar 25, 08            replace an amine boiler.
                                                           Two units idled         

    LyondellBasell             U     Mar 21, 08   287,000  FCC shut for unplanned  
    Houston                            to                  maintenance. Refinery to
    Access Industries                Apr 29, 08            operate at reduced rates
    Holdings LLC                                           during repairs. Shutdown
    Texas, U.S.                                            had been planned to end 
                                                           in mid-April. Restart   

    United Warren              N     Mar 20, 08    65,000  Vacuum distillation fire
    United Refining Co                 to                  cuts production. Normal 
    Pennsylvania, U.S.               Mar 23, 08            operations confirmed    
                                                           March 23.               

    Valero Corpus Christi      N     Mar 19, 08   110,000  FCC shut week of March 17
    East                               to                  on poor margins, Valero 
    Valero Energy Corp               May 19, 08            said. Restart process   
    Texas, U.S.                                            began mid May.          

    Valero Delaware City       U     Mar 17, 08   190,200  FCC rates reduced to    
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  repair boiler.          
    Delaware, U.S.                   Mar 24, 08                                    

    Valero Quebec City         P     Mar, 08      215,000  CDU maintenance to cut  
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  output by 50,000 bbl/day
    Quebec, Canada                   May, 08               for about 42 days. Unit 
                                                           restart confirmed.      

    Petro-Canada Montreal      P     Mar 15, 08   105,210  CDU shut for one week   
    Petro-Canada                       to                  starting mid-March, FCC 
    Quebec, Canada                   Apr 30, 08            closed for six weeks.   

    Motiva Convent             P     Mar, 08      235,000  Hydrocracker shutdown.  
    Motiva Enterprises                 to                  Restart confirmed.      
    LLC                              Apr 23, 08                                    
    Louisiana, U.S.                                                                

    Conoco Wood River          P     Mar, 08      306,000  FCC maintenance shutdown.
    EnCana Corp,                       to                                          
    ConocoPhillips                   Apr 09, 08                                    
    Illinois, U.S.                                                                 

    Exxon Mobil Beaumont       P     Mar 13, 08   365,000  FCCU maintenance will   
    Exxon Mobil Corp                   to                  cause flaring from March
    Texas, U.S.                      May 15, 08            13 to May 15.           

    Marathon Robinson          P     Mar 11, 08   204,000  Turnaround for planned  
    Marathon Oil Corp,                 to                  maintenance and repairs,
    Ashland Inc                      Apr 30, 08            and the refinery capacity
    Illinois, U.S.                                         is now up to 204,000 bbls
                                                           a day, a company        
                                                           spokeswoman said. Restart

    Exxon Mobil Baytown        P     Mar 09, 08   563,000  FCCU 3 C Boiler shut down
    Exxon Mobil Corp                   to                  during planned          
    Texas, U.S.                      Apr 14, 08            maintenance.            

    Shell Canada Scotford      P     Mar 07, 08   100,000  Runs cut because of lack
    Royal Dutch Shell PLC              to                  of feedstock. Normal    
    Alberta, Canada                  Mar 17, 08            operations confirmed    
                                                           March 17.               

    Marathon Detroit           P     Mar 05, 08   100,000  Full shutdown for planned
    Marathon Oil Corp,                 to                  maintenance. Completion 
    Ashland Inc                      May, 08               of restart confirmed.   
    Michigan, U.S.                                                                 

    Valero Delaware City       P     Mar, 08      190,200  Coker 50,000 bbl/day shut
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  for 37-days planned     
    Delaware, U.S.                   Apr, 08               maintenance during      
                                                           March/April 2008.       

    Valero Memphis             P     Mar, 08      190,000  FCCU 69,000 bbl/day shut
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  down for 15-days planned
    Tennessee, U.S.                  Mar 20, 08            maintenance. Unit restart
                                                           confirmed March 26.     

    Big West Oil               N     Mar 04, 08    68,000  Coker shut after a power
    Bakersfield                        to                  outage affected “Area  
    Flying J Oil & Gas               Mar, 08               3” About 500 pounds of 
    Inc                                                    sulfur dioxide was      
    California, U.S.                                       released. An unspecified
                                                           unit was partially shut 

    Valero Corpus Christi      P     Mar 04, 08   110,000  Fire shut a diesel      
    East                               to                  hydrogen desulfurization
    Valero Energy Corp               Mar 10, 08            unit in Complex 1 of the
    Texas, U.S.                                            refinery’s west plant.  

    Suncor Commerce City       P     Mar 03, 08    31,000  Planned maintenance cut 
    (VLO)                              to                  total capacity 40       
    Suncor Energy Inc                Mar 21, 08            percent, a Suncor       
    Colorado, U.S.                                         spokesman said.         

    Suncor Commerce City       P     Mar 03, 08    62,000  Planned maintenance cut 
    Suncor Energy Inc                  to                  total output 40 percent,
    Colorado, U.S.                   Mar 21, 08            a Suncor spokesman said.

    Frontier El Dorado         P     Mar 01, 08   112,000  CDU shut for 38 days of 
    Frontier Oil Corp                  to                  maintenance and         
    Kansas, U.S.                     Apr 08, 08            installation of new     
                                                           vacuum tower. Unit      
                                                           restart confirmed.      

    Imperial Oil               U     Mar, 08      184,000  Runs cut after fault in 
    Strathcona                         to                  gasoline unit led to fuel
    Exxon Mobil Corp                 Apr 06, 08            shortates in Western    
    Alberta, Canada                                        Canada. Restart of unit 

    Citgo Corpus Christi       P     Mar 01, 08   156,000  Sulfur recovery unit,   
    Petroleos de                       to                  mixed distillate        
    Venezuela SA                     Apr, 08               hydrotreater and coker  
    Texas, U.S.                                            effective March 1, 2008 
                                                           at West Plant. East plant
                                                           CDU shutdown and vacuum 
                                                           maintenance. SRU started
                                                           as of April 1. Coker as 
                                                           of April 8. CDU and VDU 
                                                           restarted as of April 10

    BP Texas City              P     Mar, 08      470,000  Alkylation unit (45,000 
    BP PLC                             to                  b/d) restarts April 14  
    Texas, U.S.                      Mar 14, 08            after maintenance. Second
                                                           alkylation unit of 22,000
                                                           then to be taken out of 
                                                           service for repairs.    

    Conoco Ponca City          P     Feb, 08      187,000  FCCU restarted March 15 
    ConocoPhillips                     to                  after weeks of planned  
    Oklahoma, U.S.                   Mar 15, 08            maintenance.            

    Valero Benicia             U     Feb, 08      153,000  FCC of 72,000 bbl/day   
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  shut for unplanned      
    California, U.S.                 Mar, 08               repairs on Feb. 28, 2008.

    Valero Benicia             U     Feb 28, 08   153,000  FCCU leak forced Valero 
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  to shut the unit for    
    California, U.S.                 Mar 01, 08            unplanned repairs.      

    Pasadena                   N     Feb 27, 08   106,500  Full shutdown Feb. 27   
    Nationale A                        to                  after a “complete power”
    Portefeuille                     Mar 05, 08            failure. FCCU shut down 
    Texas, U.S.                                            following a power outage.

    Valero Norco St            P     Feb 21, 08   190,000  FCCU unit shut down about
    Charles                            to                  2/21/08, reducing       
    Valero Energy Corp               Mar 12, 08            production by 100,000   
    Louisiana, U.S.                                        bbl/day for 20 days.    

    Pasadena                   U     Feb 21, 08   106,500  FCCU shut down for      
    Nationale A                        to                  specific repairs.       
    Portefeuille                     Feb 22, 08                                    
    Texas, U.S.                                                                    

    Exxon Mobil Beaumont       N     Feb 20, 08   365,000  No. 5 Coke drum shut to 
    Exxon Mobil Corp                   to                  repair a leak on Feb. 20,
    Texas, U.S.                      Feb 28, 08            2008, and resumed       
                                                           operation on Feb. 28.   

    Conoco Sweeny              P     Feb 19, 08   216,000  Regenerative thermal    
    Petroleos de                       to                  oxidizer (RTO) which    
    Venezuela SA,                    Feb 20, 08            controls vapors from the
    ConocoPhillips                                         Wasterwater Treater unit
    Texas, U.S.                                            shut for maintenance.   

    Alon Big Spring            N     Feb 18, 08    70,000  Full shutdown by an     
    Alon Israel Oil Co                 to                  explosion in the        
    Ltd                              Aug 15, 08            propylene unit. The     
    Texas, U.S.                                            refinery processing     
                                                           35,000 bbl/day as of    
                                                           April 7. FCCU expected to
                                                           resume service in August,
                                                           alkylation unit two weeks

    Citgo Corpus Christi       P     Feb 18, 08   156,000  Unibon unit shut for    
    Petroleos de                       to                  planned maintenance. It’s
    Venezuela SA                     Feb 24, 08            also known as a gasoil  
    Texas, U.S.                                            hydrotreater.           

    Tesoro Kapolei             N     Feb 16, 08    95,000  Full shutdown after fire.
    Tesoro Corp                        to                  Units restarted Feb. 18 
    Hawaii, U.S.                     Feb 18, 08                                    

    Hovensa St. Croix          P     Feb 14, 08   495,000  Planned maintenance. The
    Petroleos de                       to                  two largest crude units 
    Venezuela SA, Hess               Mar, 08               were not shut.          
    US Virgin Islands,                                                             

    Total Port Arthur          P     Feb 13, 08   240,000  Reformer shut for planned
    Total SA                           to                  maintenance; and work   
    Texas, U.S.                      Feb 29, 08            should be finished in a 
                                                           couple weeks.           

    Sunoco Philadelphia        N     Feb 13, 08   330,000  Power cut shut          
    Sunoco Inc                         to                  unspecified units.      
    Pennsylvania, U.S.               Feb 13, 08                                    

    Delek LaGloria             N     Feb 12, 08    58,000  Sulfur recovery unit shut
    Delek US Holdings Inc              to                  down after a mechanical 
    Texas, U.S.                      Feb, 08               upset.                  

    Shell Canada Scotford      N     Feb 12, 08   100,000  Runs cut because of     
    Royal Dutch Shell PLC              to                  reduced supplies from oil
    Alberta, Canada                  Feb 20, 08            sand plant.             

    PEMEX Jaime Salina         N     Feb 12, 08   290,000  Earthquake shuts 26     
    Cruz                               to                  processing plants at its
    Petroleos Mexicanos              Feb 14, 08            Salina Cruz refinery.   
    Mexico                                                 Pemex restarted         
                                                           operations after finding
                                                           minimal damage.         

    Conoco Borger              P     Feb 11, 08   146,000  FCC repair to           
    ConocoPhillips,                    to                  electrostatic           
    EnCana Corp                      Mar 03, 08            precipitators on the Unit
    Texas, U.S.                                            29                      

    Flint Hills Corpus         P     Feb 11, 08   300,000  Planned maintenance     
    Christi                            to                  caused flaring.         
    Koch Industries Inc              Feb 21, 08                                    
    Texas, U.S.                                                                    

    Valero Delaware City       N     Feb 10, 08   190,200  Full shutdown after power
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  cut. Power was restored 
    Delaware, U.S.                   Feb 11, 08            to the crude unit, coker,
                                                           and catalytic cracker,  
                                                           and these units restarted
                                                           on 2/11/08. On 2/25/08, 
                                                           the hydrocracker was the
                                                           last main unit to resume
                                                           operation, Valero said. 

    Lake Charles               N     Feb 10, 08   320,000  Power outage disrupted  
    Petroleos de                       to                  operations.             
    Venezuela SA                     Feb 11, 08                                    
    Louisiana, U.S.                                                                

    Chevron Richmond           P     Feb 07, 08   257,200  Reformers. Major planned
    Chevron Corp                       to                  maintenance scheduled for
    California, U.S.                 Mar, 08               1st Qtr 2008. Two       
                                                           reformer units replaced 
                                                           during this period.     

    Paramount                  P     Feb 07, 08    55,000  CDUs (two of four) shut;
    Alon USA Energy Inc                to                  refinery is undergoing  
    California, U.S.                 Feb, 08               planned maintenance to  
                                                           improve gasoline yields,
                                                           an Alon spokesman said. 

    ConocoPhillips Los         P     Feb 07, 08   147,000  Sulfur recovery units   
    Angeles                            to                  shut down caused flaring.
    ConocoPhillips                   Feb, 08                                       
    California, U.S.                                                               

    Delek LaGloria             N     Feb 07, 08    58,000  Mechanical failure shut a
    Delek US Holdings Inc              to                  boiler and reduced rates
    Texas, U.S.                      Feb 08, 08            into a fluid catalytic  
                                                           cracking unit           

    Shell Deer Park            N     Feb 05, 08   340,000  Coker (85,000 bbl/day)  
    Royal Dutch Shell                  to                  unit shut down after the
    PLC, Petroleos                   Mar 05, 08            anti-surge valve opened,
    Mexicanos                                              Shell said.             
    Texas, U.S.                                                                    

    Valero Wilmington          P     Feb 05, 08   135,000  FCCU and alkylation unit
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  shut down for about 10  
    California, U.S.                 Feb 14, 08            days planned maintenance,
                                                           a Valero spokesman said.

    Valero Port Arthur         P     Feb 04, 08   325,000  Coker(105,000 bbl/day)  
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  maintenance.            
    Texas, U.S.                      Feb 29, 08                                    

    Valero Norco St            P     Feb, 08      190,000  CDU maintenance to cut  
    Charles                            to                  about 100k bbl/day for 20
    Valero Energy Corp               Feb, 08               days.                   
    Louisiana, U.S.                                                                

    Wynnewood OK               N     Feb 01, 08    70,000  Fire caused by a leak in
    Gary-Williams Energy               to                  a depropanizer unit. The
    Co                               Feb 01, 08            fire was extinguished and
    Oklahoma, U.S.                                         refinery rates weren’t  
                                                           reduced, a company      
                                                           spokesman said.         

    Tesoro Anacortes           P     Jan 31, 08   108,000  Planned maintenance     
    Tesoro Corp                        to                                          
    Washington, U.S.                 Feb, 08                                       

    Conoco Wood River          P     Jan 31, 08   306,000  Flare gas recovery      
    EnCana Corp,                       to                  compressor shut for     
    ConocoPhillips                   Jan 31, 08            repairs.This will not   
    Illinois, U.S.                                         affect production.      

    BP Texas City              N     Jan 30, 08   470,000  FCC (120,000 bbl/day)   
    BP PLC                             to                  restarted after a Jan. 30
    Texas, U.S.                      Mar 07, 08            electrical fault. Crude 
                                                           unit (250,000 bbl/day   
                                                           pipestill 3B) restarted 
                                                           March 7 after shutting  
                                                           down following Hurricane
                                                           Katrina in 2005.        

    Valero Aruba               N     Jan 25, 08   275,000  Full shutdown after     
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  vacuum tower fire.      
    Aruba                            May 28, 08            Partial operations      
                                                           resumed by Feb. 5. Vacuum
                                                           crude distillation unit 
                                                           restarted May 28.       

    Big West Oil               P     Jan, 08       68,000  Planned maintenance on an
    Bakersfield                        to                  unknown unit is scheduled
    Flying J Oil & Gas               Feb, 08               to last from 7 to 10 days
    Inc                                                    during late Jan. 2008, a
    California, U.S.                                       Flying J manager said.  

    Total Port Arthur          N     Jan 24, 08   240,000  Sulfur recovery unit went
    Total SA                           to                  down causing an emission
    Texas, U.S.                      Jan 24, 08            release. The shell claus
                                                           off-gas treating unit was
                                                           restarted as soon as    
                                                           possible, Total said.   

    LyondellBasell             P     Jan 23, 08   287,000  Aromatics unit shut by  
    Houston                            to                  fire ahead of planned   
    Access Industries                Mar 20, 08            maintenance scheduled to
    Holdings LLC                                           begin the week of Jan.  
    Texas, U.S.                                            28, a LyondellBasell    
                                                           Industries spokeswoman  

    Suncor Sarnia              P     Jan 23, 08    80,000  Runs cut 30% because of 
    Suncor Energy Inc                  to                  fault in new diesel     
    Ontario, Canada                  Jan, 08               hydrotreater, lack of   
                                                           hydrogen supply.        

    Valero Corpus Christi      N     Jan 23, 08   110,000  Vapor recovery compressor
    East                               to                  located on the No. 4    
    Valero Energy Corp               Jan 29, 08            crude unit shut at      
    Texas, U.S.                                            Complex 7 on Jan. 23    
                                                           after an electrical short

    Total Port Arthur          P     Jan 21, 08   240,000  Refinery planned        
    Total SA                           to                  maintenance             
    Texas, U.S.                      Mar 08, 08                                    

    Conoco Borger              P     Jan 21, 08   146,000  Hydrogen desulfurization
    ConocoPhillips,                    to                  unit shut down Jan. 21 to
    EnCana Corp                      Jan 26, 08            repair a leak is expected
    Texas, U.S.                                            to return to normal with
                                                           a week. It will have    
                                                           minimal effect on       

    Exxon Mobil Baytown        P     Jan 18, 08   563,000  Delayed Coking unit shut
    Exxon Mobil Corp                   to                  for planned maintenance.
    Texas, U.S.                      Mar 14, 08                                    

    Shell Deer Park            P     Jan 17, 08   340,000  FCC, gasoline           
    Royal Dutch Shell                  to                  hydrotreater, alkylation
    PLC, Petroleos                   Mar 05, 08            facility and three sulfur
    Mexicanos                                              recovery plants shut    
    Texas, U.S.                                            during maintenance.     

    Motiva Port Arthur         U     Jan 14, 08   285,000  Waste-heat boiler       
    Motiva Enterprises                 to                  shutdown for about 20   
    LLC                              Feb 03, 08            days to repair a leak. A
    Texas, U.S.                                            scrubber will be        
                                                           bypassed, causing flaring
                                                           through Feb. 3.         

    BP Texas City              N     Jan 14, 08   470,000  Hydrocracker            
    BP PLC                             to                  (ultracracker) explosion
    Texas, U.S.                      Jan, 08               kills one worker.       

    Exxon Mobil Baytown        P     Jan 12, 08   563,000  CDU maintenance Jan. 12 
    Exxon Mobil Corp                   to                  to March 31. Coker      
    Texas, U.S.                      Mar 31, 08            restarted March 14. An  
                                                           FCCU also repaired while
                                                           maintenance performed on
                                                           the coker.              

    BP Carson                  P     Qtr 1, 08    265,500  FCC Upgrade to          
    BP PLC                             to                  electrostatic           
    California, U.S.                 Mar 28, 08            precipitator. Several   
                                                           units to be upgraded in 
                                                           2008 to cut sulfur in   
                                                           gasoline, diesel. Sulfur
                                                           Plant, alkylation repairs
                                                           also planned.           

    Valero Aruba               N     Jan 08, 08   275,000  Full refinery shutdown  
    Valero Energy Corp                 to                  after a power disruption
    Aruba                            Jan 15, 08            on Jan. 8.              

    Marathon Garyville         P     Jan, 08      275,000  FCC shut down for planned
    Marathon Oil Corp,                 to                  maintenance sometime    
    Ashland Inc                      Feb, 08               during the week of Jan. 
    Louisiana, U.S.                                        7. Timeline for restart 
                                                           not detailed.           

    Alon Big Spring            P     Jan 07, 08    70,000  Hydrotreater 22,000     
    Alon Israel Oil Co                 to                  bbl/day, Reformer 21,000
    Ltd                              Jan 14, 08            bbl/day, Gasoil         
    Texas, U.S.                                            hydrotreater 6,500      
                                                           bbl/day, jet fuel unit  
                                                           4,500 bbl/day shut for  
                                                           maintenance Jan. 7.     

    Valero Corpus Christi      P     Jan, 08      110,000  CDU maintenance to cut  
    East                               to                  40,000 bbl/day for 14   
    Valero Energy Corp               Jan, 08               days during January at  
    Texas, U.S.                                            its west plant.         

    Exxon Mobil Baton          P     Jan 04, 08   488,600  FCC, alkylation units   
    Rouge                              to                  turnaround planned to   
    Exxon Mobil Corp                 Feb, 08               last several weeks and  
    Louisiana, U.S.                                        end around the end of   
                                                           February, ExxonMobil    

    Chalmette LA               P     Jan 04, 08   184,000  FCCU, alkylation unit and
    Petroleos de                       to                  other units will be     
    Venezuela SA, Exxon              Feb 27, 08            undergoing planned      
    Mobil Corp                                             maintenance until the end
    Louisiana, U.S.                                        of February.            

    Sunoco Inc Eagle           P     Qtr 1, 08    150,000  CDU turnaround, brought 
    Point Refinery                     to                  forward from second half
    Sunoco Inc                       Qtr 1, 08             of year.                
    New Jersey, U.S.                                                               

    Sunoco Toledo              P     Qtr 1, 08    150,000  Planned maintenance will
    Sunoco Inc                         to                  reduce production 2.5   
    Ohio, U.S.                       Qtr 1, 08             million barrels during  
                                                           Qtr 1, 08.              

    Sunoco Philadelphia        P     Qtr 1, 08    330,000  CDU, FCC unit maintenance
    Sunoco Inc                         to                  completed.              
    Pennsylvania, U.S.               Qtr 1, 08                                     

    –Editor: Dan Stets.
    To contact the reporter on this story:
    Robert Tuttle in New York at +1-212-617-3465

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