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Self ignition point in petcoke

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    Freddy Martinez

    Hi, We want to know if anybody have had experiences related with fire in belt conveyors system due to self ignition point in the pet coke?. We know that self ignition point in petcoke is between 400 – 700 C depends on the type of coke compound (lignite, coal, etc) and VCM (Volatile Content Material) also we want to know if anybody have developed or known any equation(s)/relationship(s) for self ignition point and metal/sulphur content in pet coke.
    We have experienced with hot coke in the storages piles although we applied a good cooling cycle inside the drums, and even coke doesnt appear to be hot in the belt conveyor from open pit to the piles. Our crusher is settled to handle 2 particle size as the minimum.

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    Mitchell Moloney

    Causes of coke conveyor fires are usually a bad conveyor belt wheel bearing, causing localized overheating or sparks, which ignites the coke and/or its VCM material.  Oily coke can also lead to conveyor belt fires.  Autoignition of the coke is an unlikely cause.

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    We just have a similar experience last week here in Louisiana.  Would you be willing to compare conveyor design/fire mitigation? Call or e mail me
 or 713 591 4281

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