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    Freddy Martinez

    Is the coker at Port Lavaca owned by Seadrift operating at this time?

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    Charles Randall

    I have not seen Seadrift on the recent Turnaround/Shutdown list but with weird economic drivers on some coking operations that might not mean anything. Seadrift is a stand alone needle coking operation which
    has much different coker margin driving forces where most of the liquid byproducts have less value than the feedstock (or can) and the petcoke has higher value than the feedstock which is much different than the normal Refinery/coker economics.
    Seadrift always has ton folks on Texas conferences – why dont you just send email to thier listed contact Larry Stone in Mechanical section.
    I do not believe they have installed a relocated desulfurizer that was in the game plan before the company went into Chapter 11 & was purchased by Unocal JV and then spun off.
    Once the Needle coker at Lemont was converted to fuel cokers and the Seadrift calciner/coking operation spun off – the Electrode/Needle coke market has been relative tight. The tightness was increased when India won an anti-dumping claim against Europe selling Needle coke/Electrodes into thier market……and then found out they didnt have the production capacity or quality to meet that markets need.

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