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    Mitchell Moloney

    1. Coke dust containment
       a. Closed system as per MiRO
           i. Open system
               1. High walls
               2. No wind
               3. Sprinklers
               4. CO/S2 Monitors
               5. Move Coke out quickly
    2. Low pressure emmissions
       a. Draw down pressure with compressors
       b. several methods to reduce pressure in drum
    3. Drum/Containment
       a. hazard, opening vents/drains on active drum
       b. hazard, opening feed isolation/hydro-carbon when open
    4. Solutions
       a. operator error
       b. operating interlocks
       c. training
       d. remove operator from harms way
    5. Training
       a. hands on at a facility
       b. commissioning
       c. lessons learned from design and operations
       d. outside/inside incidents to be summarized and learned from

    1. safety audit-LOPA (Layer of Protection Analysis)
    2. vendor training, site supervision during install, utilizing vendor websites and FAQs.
    3. rigorous management of change procedures
    4. more layers of protection/interlocks
    5. regular review of procedure by operators
    6. user groups bracket operations/engineering/project/design

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