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    Safety Day 1
    ~ Create time in our system & processes
                    – Quality Training
                    – Appreticeship
                    – Simulator
                    – Vendor Training
    ~ Thru design and automation; remove operators from harms way
    ~ Safety culture needs to be addressed need behavior change with management/leadership.
    Safety Day 2
    ~ Interlocks
                    – Being defeated if routinely bypassed
                    – Right of refusal & notification
                    – Near Misses reported
                    – They need to work for Operations
                                    – Need Robust interlock bypass procedure with operator/mgmt buy in
                                    – Bypass procedures defined prior to start up
    ~ Agreement on whats acceptable on drum maintenance during drilling
                    – What is the reasonable acceptance of risks
                    – One extreme: no one on structure / other extremne:  work okay after pilot
    ~ Training/procedures to do when new tech breaks.
                    – Ask vendor what do I do when it breaks
                    – Trained ahead of time
                    – Lost knowledge over old ways when technicians move
                    – Put people/equipment/evironment in harms way

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