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Rx Overhead Blind alternatives

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    I’m new to the FCCU process after having spent many years in the Coker world…I’m interested in any experiences folks have had with double-disc types valves as a replacement for the ROB (Rx Overhead Blind). Mostly interested in justifications other than the obvious personnel risk reduction, reliability of the system, how often it is maintained and any “bad” experiences (no need to name specific companies, just interested in what this looks like).

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    suhas nehete

    Installation of this valve also reduces the S/U and S/D time, as removal of blind during startup do consume some time.

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    craig catton

    I’m also interested as well – specifically how successful these valve are at end of run when they are needed to function. Nightmare scenario would be the valve is coked up and doesn’t stroke – now you need to install the “big blind” and do maintenance on the valve. There should be enough of these valves installed out there by now to get a good feel on if they are worth the cost.

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    How about the Goggle valves application?

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