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Russia Just Halted All Gasoline Exports June

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    <FYI – this should (has been?) let speculators “spike the prices” out of park. CR comments>
    Russia Just Halted All Gasoline Exports For The Next Month

    Gregory White | Apr. 28, 2011 Business Insider

    Russia, the world’s number one oil producer*, just decided not to export any gasoline in the month of May, according to Ria Novosti.

    The move will halt all gasoline exports from the country for at least one month, according to Energy Minister Sergei Kudryasho. It is a response to fuel shortages throughout Russia, with Siberia the hardest hit.
    The reason for these shortages, according to Russian officials, is that top oil companies are exporting more gasoline than ever before to take advantage of soaring foreign prices. Their example: In 2010, Russian oil companies exported 3 million tons of gasoline; they exported the same amount in the first three months of 2011.
    Rising prices may help to explain Gazprom’s 2010 profit surge, a 24% year-over-year gain on 2009.
    * In case you missed Business Insider April 10 News alert Russia is new No1 producer ahead of Saudi Arabia see:
    Another Business Insider news item good factoid (15 Most Expensive places buy gas $7 to $9/gas – makes US $4/gal seem trival) see:

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