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Rupture of electrical heating sulfur pipeline

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    Freddy Martinez

    There is an electrical heating sulfur pipeline with a length of 2000 meter in this refinery.
    The power supply of the heating system abnomally turned off for 4 days.
    The liquid sulfur solidified during this period.

    The power supply of the heating system then automatically turned on at the beginning the 5th day.

    At the 8th day, the sulfur pipeline rupture at three locations.

    As we know, Remelting of sulfur will increase the specific volumn and cause overpressure in the pipeline.

    Can any expert in this field teach us how to do the remelting procedure?

    The electrical heating system of this sulfur pipeline is skin effect type.

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    Skin effect heating system has been used for long distance sulfur transport for many years.
    It is a mature technology and has many reference list.

    I do not know if this technology ever consider the power failure case for sulfur pipeline.

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    Hello Mr. Freddy M,
    How the issue is resolved? Can you update?

    Request Experts to provide inputs on this issue.

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      We can definitely get an update on the problem. I’m looking forward to this. Please keep us posted… 🙂

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