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Rotary Joint Repairs

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    From: Kenneth.Mihalik@
    Date: 09 Aug 2004

    We are looking for alternatives to having the OEM repair/overhaul our Rotary Joints. Our rotary joints are IDP Model P-15 4AX. Does anyone have experience with an independent repair facility, hopefully in the Gulf Coast Region?

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    Date: 09 Aug 2004

    Ruhrpumpen Inc. has a Service & Repair facility with Rotary Joint repair experience located in LaPorte, TX — Phone # 281-478-0940

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    We have always repaired our own rotary joints, we have also incorported a number of improvements which have made them considerably more reliable during the winter months.

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    Lucibar Davalillo

    Does any one have experience with electrically driven hoists and rotary joints?
    If information available, please post here or at

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    Pneumatic is my preference, although hydraulic works well too. None experience with electric.

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    I think the CNRL Upgrader has electric driven rotary joints.

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    Statoil in Mongstad, Norway is a all electric driven coker, looked good and had very good reliability.
    I think Ruhrpumpen has a electric driven hoist and rotary joint for the market. at Ruhrpumpen contact Wolfgang Paul and Jay Jones     at Statoil contact Norvald Syslak or Jorn Viggo Trongmo


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    I have had as the pneumatic system than hydraulic system also  as flowserve system than  ruhrpumpen system

    as much the hydraulic system as the pneumatic system operates well, In the case of the rotary joint I have had both systems( Ruhrpumpen and Flowserve)  The ruhrpumpen systems is more robust and strong that flowserve, 
    since it has less mechanical pieces internally (bearing). this rotary have  only one gear connected to the pinion of the motor (hydraulic) for that reason is less propitious  to faults, in fact all the system is more robust (including free fall arrestor)
    from the mechanical point of view
    the cutting tool  has a system of  change mechanical (initial to final cut)  through a lateral nut (you dont have to take out the tool totally to make the change)
    bets regards

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    ted pivo

    Ruhrpumpen has both electric /hydraulic drive winches and rotary joint; their equipment is more robust
    they also have a auto shift tool . the  tool shifting internals can be switched out in less than 30 minutes no need to take the tool off and send out for repairs. their tool is only 13′ in diameter less prone to getting stuck, all jets are inclosed in the tool not exposed to getting banged raising in/out of the drum

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    Claus Graf

    Any forum member would like to share any recent rotary joint story?

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