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Rent or purchase a pigging machine?

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    The DCU heater tube is easy to have coking problem.
    Cleaning with pigging machine is the best solution for this case.
    But pigging machine is not always available when you have coking problem in the heater tube.
    We would like to know is there any refinery rent or purchase a pigging machine in order to cope with this problem.

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    Our company is well established around the world offering pigging services through local service providers. Please contact me to discuss the availabilty of equipment in your area, or the possibilty of placing a machine in your facilty full time. Linc Drynan, Critical Path Decoking
    e-mail:   Phone 403.396.2381 (Canada)

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    D.D.Technology is alos another pigging contractor that offers this service. we currently have 25 of our our pigging units located through out the world. We have a number of units that stay at the facility on a permanent basis. Please contact me to see idf DDT Can assist. Roman Korpus.

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