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Reliance Jamnagar Refinery&Coker Update – run heavier crudes & complete before EOY

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    Charles Randall

    Reliance to run new Jamnagar plant on heavier crudes
    Singapore (Platts)–25Apr2008
    Reliance Industries Ltd. plans to run its new 580,000 b/d export-oriented
    refinery at Jamnagar in India’s western Gujarat state on heavier crudes
    compared with the crudes used at its existing 660,000 b/d refinery in the same
    , a senior RIL official said April 24.
         “We have not firmed up on the particular crudes that [the new refinery]
    will run, but the slate will be much heavier than the current refinery,” the
    official said at an industry conference in Singapore.
         Reliance’s upcoming refinery can process heavier crudes with a gravity of
    24 API, compared with 27 API gravity crudes the existing refinery uses
         The new refinery, however, will not be able to handle acidic grades, the
    official said. It can accept crudes with acidity of up to 0.6 mg KOH/g
    , he
    added. Acidic crudes have levels of 1 mg KOH/g or more.
         RIL holds a 70.99% stake in the new refinery through its subsidiary
    Reliance Petroleum Limited. US major Chevron has a 5% stake and public
    investors hold the remaining 24.01%
         The 580,000 b/d refinery was originally scheduled for completion in
    end-2008, but RPL has fast-tracked the project. In mid-April, the company said
    the refinery was 90% complete and would be commissioned ahead of schedule.

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    Charles Randall

    Here is a Reliance Jamnagar Expansion update  (Essar who is also a Reliance partner is now doing expansion(PhaseI) & coker (Phase2) at Vadnair).  Think I sort of knew the slate was somewhat heavier from some earlier news items but didn’t think difference was this small (ie 27 vs 24 API).  And the Acid level of 0.6 is probably enough to do lot Bitumen/Syncrudes it they wanted too – but chances are even if it made economic sense (doesn’t) having level 0.6 and actually being set up for dealing with Naphthanic Acid crudes is whole different story.
    Looks like they are still on glide path for completing new expansion & coker this year – haven’t heard lot on the progress of new petcoke gasifier that was going to use all 8,000 tpd petcoke from new expansion, so perhaps it is still year following project.

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