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Refinery Sector Rule for lower coke drum pressures before deheading

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    In preparation for the Refinery Sector Rule requiring lower pressure before deheading, we are working on installing an ejector to draw down the pressure at the drum before deheading. My questions for the forum are:
    1. For those considering installing ejectors (or with ejectors already in place), where are you locating ejectors – upstream of the quench tower, downstream off the settler drum or another location?
    2. Where are you discharging your ejectors to? main frac ovhd? or further downstream in the blowdown system/flare system?
    3. We are considering installing ejectors off our settler drum to reduce the ejector size/cost and steam requirement. However, our settler drum currently ties directly into the refinery flare system without a liquid seal pot. We were going to install one as part of this project but wanted to consider alternatives to a liquid seal. Do other cokers have configurations that would be recommended for segregating the ejector suction point off the settler drum from the main flare header that do not use a liquid seal?
    4. Have any other cokers considered using a line size pin valve in place of a liquid seal pot?
    Thanks for your responses, Brian

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    Evan Hyde

    1 – all options you present have been installed in one way or another. But d/s of settler is the most common.
    2 – WGC suction, Frac ovhd, and flare have all been done.
    3 – Yes, the most common solution. The requirements for a seal pot are company and site specific. If the Flare has a KO pot and recovery compressor, it is possible to avoid the water seal in some instance.

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