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    We’re looking for ways to reduce emissions.  Suggestions?

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    Bill Zill

    You can reduce your carbon monoxide, depending on your combustion mode and increasing your amounts of oxygen.

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          If you limit your amount of purge steam and aeration you can lower particulate emissions.  You’ll have to correlate that with stabilizing your catalyst circulation between the reactor and regenerator.

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    Alfredo Velasco

    If your reactor is a Partial-combustion type, one method is to change to a Total Combustion type.
    For control of particules you can use a Electrostatic Precipitator located after the CO Boiler and before the stack.

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    Lucas Revellon

    Try to use different additives from the Catalyst vendors.  Intercat usually is the leader in additives.  Other than than you don’t much choice than improve the quality of your feed to the unit.

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    If in full burn, reduce excess O2 to reduce NOx.  Lower feed S and N will also reduce SO2 and NOx.

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    What is the proper procedure to lower SO2 emissions?

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    To reduce emission, recently TSS systems are preferred rather than the electrostatic precipitators which are quite risky comparitively. There are vendors in the market offering TSS. TSS provided upstream of the WHB would reduce the catalyst carryover.
    Whereas to reduce the sulphur emissions, SOx additives are added to the regenerators, which shifts the Sulphur to the reactor products, which can be then treated downstream depending on the treating facilities.

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