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Questionnaire : Control Philosophy and System implementation / References

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    Freddy Martinez

    Good Day. I’m Shaun working as an instrument engineer for GS Engineering and Construction in South Korea.

    I’m currently doing detailed engineering of a Delayed Coker Unit, a new refinery project in Egypt.
    Unfortunately, the control philosophy doesn’t exist in basic design package and Requirements of Local/Remote control panels (including PLC) are not exactly specified.

    Regarding the P&ID, Coking systems will be equipped as follows.
    1) Two coke drum
    2) Automatic Top / Bottom Unheading System
    3) Hydraulic Decoking System
    4) Coker Bridge Cranes
    5) Feed Hopper and Feed Breaker
    6) Coke Handling System Package
    – Cokes conveying belt system
    – Cokes truck loading silos
    – Truck scale package
    Clause No. 1) ~ 6) are issued as separated mechnical package requisitions.

    Questions about these stuffs are as below.
    1) Unheading devices will be operated with sequence logic. Basically, operator will control the isolation valves and unheading device
    through hydraulic control panel which will be installed in a operator shelter. How about the hydraulic decoking system?
    Where does this control be done? In a local operator shelter with unheading devices or in a rack room by Plant DCS?

    2) How about the control of equipments such as Coke handling systems and Feed hopper/breaker? Is any additional local shelter required?
    Any references are warmly appreciated. (Without Hydraulic Decoking System and Unheading devices, whether downstream will be controlled in Plant DCS or
    PLCs for feed breaker/hopper, Coke handling system?)

    3) References for Dust Suppression System.


    Best Regards.

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