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Putting Coke heater on line

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    We are in the process of expanding our Coker. We are adding two more Coke drums and another Coke heater.  We plan to decoke one heater while continuing to run with the other. Are there any other Cokers doing this? How do you put the Coke heater back on line after decoking?

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    Claus Graf

    In the coker I worked some years ago, we had 4 drums and two heaters. We could shut down a pair of drums with the corresponding heater.
    What arrangement do you have ?
    Regards, CG

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    That is the way this one is going to be set up. Each set of drums has it’s own heater.
    I can shutdown one heater and set of drums but how do I bring the shutdown heater back on line and have minimal upset to teh operation?
    How did you heat up the heater to bring it back on line after being shutdown and cooled?

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