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Pt Arthur celebrates arrival of Total Coke Drums & $2.2B project going forward

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    Charles Randall

    Port Arthur Total celebrates arrival of coker units

    By David Ball
    The Port Arthur News

    Jan 27, 2009 /  PORT ARTHUR The consensus among community leaders to Total Port Arthur Refinerys celebration of its $2.2 billion Deep Conversion Project was one of gratitude. They exhibit a sense of gratitude that industrial expansion projects and economic development is ongoing in the area, as opposed to economic malaise in the rest of the nation.
    In spite of the downward spiraling economic in our United States of America building expansions, were eternally grateful. We thank you (Total Petrochemical) for your economic stimulus package to bring this to the area, Port Arthur Mayor Deloris Bobbie Prince said.
    Jefferson County Judge Ronald Walker said this project wouldnt had been possible without the support of local government. He added after spending decades on the legal bench, the past two years have been a delightful education, learning about the petrochemical field since elected as county judge.
    We have experienced tremendous industrial growth. We have worldwide economic problems, but Total is moving ahead, Walker said.
    Four massive coke drums 29 feet deep and 20 feet high left Spain for Port Arthur and are considered the heart of the project. The DCP includes a 50,000 barrel per day coker, a desuflurization unit, a vacuum distillation unit and other related units. At its peak, the project will employ nearly 2,200 skilled workers. When the project is completed in 2011, 60 new permanent jobs will be created.
    D. E. Sosa, Groves city manager, called Total a wonderful neighbor, assisting with Hurricane Ike recovery, working with youth and reconstruction of the activity building.
    The expansion has benefited us as a project to the city. Twelve businesses have been started in Groves since the expansion was announced (in February 2008). Six were started in direct support of the project. Were ecstatic, he said. After the hurricane, their employees helped with fuel. You cant ask for a better corporate neighbor.
    Jeff Branick, assistant to the county judge, said economic development is always exciting.  It means more jobs and economic stimulus, and they have confidence in the area to make an investment. Im happy to be here, Branick said.
    Michel Benezit, Totals senior vice president of refining worldwide, said the Port Arthur project is currently the largest in the company.
    He said sweet crude is beginning to disappear and sour or heavy crude oil is the only supply left. The coker will process the heavy crude. A distillate hydrotreater will transfer the heavy fuel oil into diesel. Benezit said the process is very resilient to make better products at a cheaper cost. The heavy crude will cost less and more products will be sold.

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    Charles Randall

    Here is update on the Total Pt Arthur Deep Conversion Project & arrival of Total Coke Drums from Spain.
    So Looks like Total Pt Arthur coker addition is going forward which will be welcome news to some of the construction as well as townsfolk with 12 new business started with it in mind. 
    The drums are quoted as 4 @ 29 feet diameter & 20 feet tall (the length is mistake & perhaps diameter is too). Another report claim they are 32 feet wide and 12 stories high. The coker should be ~ a mid 2011 to early 2012 start up target given the 24-30 months for the constructin phase.
    <Also see news article with 3 pictures of Total coke drums
    & info on size @ >

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    Joshua Lege

    At least one project in my old stomping grounds is still on track!

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    “quo’e]ORIGINAL: Charl’e Randall

    Here ‘s upda’e on ‘he To’al P’ Ar’hur Deep Convers’on Projec’ & arr’val of To’al Coke Drums from Spa’n.
    So Looks l’ke To’al P’ Ar’hur coker add”’on ‘s go’ng forward wh’ch w’ll be welcome news ‘o some of ‘he cons’ruc”on as well as ‘ownsfolk w”h 12 new bus’ness s’ar’ed w”h ” ‘n m’nd. 
    The drums are quo’ed as 4 @ 29 fee’ d’ame’er & 20 fee’ ‘all (‘he leng’h ‘s m’s’ake & perhaps d’ame’er ‘s ‘oo). Ano’her repor’ cla’m ‘hey are 32 fee’ w’de and 12 s’or’es h’gh. The coker should be ~ a m’d 2011 ‘o early 2012 s’ar’ up ‘arge’ g’ven ‘he 24-30 mon’hs for ‘he cons’ruc”n phase.

    &l’;Also see news ar”cle w”h 3 p’c’ures of To’al coke drums
    & ‘nfo on s’ze @ h”p://”cle.h’ml/release_’o’al.h’ml &g’;



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