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    Freddy Martinez

    “Of course. Did you expect to spend [url=]android tablet[/url] the rest of eternity sitting on your ass and drinking ambrosia? Heaven is a big operation. You have to pull your weight around here!” Gabriel took out a triplicate form, had Bill sign at the bottom, and then tore out the middle [url=]android pc tablet[/url] copy and handed it to Bill. “Take this down to induction center #23 and meet up with your occupational orientator. His name is Abraham.” Bill started to ask a question, but [url=]google android tablet[/url] Gabriel interrupted him. “No, he’s not *that* Abraham.” Bill walked down a muddy trail for ten miles until he came to induction center #23. He met with Abraham after a mere six-hour wait.
    “Heaven is centuries behind in building its data processing infrastructure,” explained Abraham. “As you’ve seen, we’re still doing [url=]touch screen android tablet[/url] everything on paper. It takes us a week just to process new entries.” starzmart
    “I had to wait *three* weeks,” said Bill. Abraham stared at Bill angrily, and Bill realized that he’d made a mistake. Even in Heaven, it’s best not to contradict a bureaucrat. “Well,” Bill offered, “maybe that Bosnia thing has you guys backed up.”
    Abraham’s look of anger faded to [url=]wifi android tablet[/url] mere annoyance. “Your job will be to supervise Heaven’s new data processing center. We’re building the largest computing facility in creation. Half a million computers connected by a multi-segment fiber optic network, all running into a back-end server network with a thousand CPUs on a gigabit channel. Fully fault tolerant. Fully distributed processing. The works.”

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